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More than 30,000 coins from the Roman Empire are found in Italy

Thousands of coins from the ancient Roman Empire have been found in the coastal region of the city of Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy. The treasure was discovered by a diver among the seaweed while exploring local waters.

According to a statement from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage announcing the discovery, the diver spotted the metallic glow a few meters deep and not far from the coast. The man contacted the authorities, who went to the scene the next day.

Origin and conservation of coins

The treasure was reflected in two macro areas, which extend between the beach and the seabed. Of all the coins collected, only 4 were damaged, but they still retained some information minted in bronze.

They were probably produced between 324, when this type of coin began to be minted, and 340, due to the presence of coins of Constantine and other members of the family. They come from almost all the mints of the Empire active in that period, with the exception of those of Antioch, Alexandria and Carthage.

The treasure found in the waters of Arzachena represents one of the most important numismatic discoveries of recent years and once again highlights the richness and importance of the archaeological heritage [nas] depths of our seas.

Luigi La Rocca, general director of Archaeology, Plastic Arts and Landscape of Sardinia, in a note

La Rocca added that the discovery is extraordinary, especially because the region is constantly threatened by natural disasters and human action. Furthermore, it is believed that with further investigations it may be possible to find the wreck with which the coins are associated.

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