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Starship is awaiting licensing and could fly in October

The first test flight of Starship, SpaceX’s boldest rocket, in April was a failure. But now Elon Musk is preparing for the second liftoff of the spacecraft, from the star base, located in South Texas.

According to the billionaire, Starship is now ready for flight after the modifications made and is now awaiting approvals to fly, which include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launch license and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval. . of the United States fisheries and wildlife.

The maiden flight of the Starship took place on April 20, 2023. The approximately 50 meter tall vehicle would circle the Earth and fall into the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii. However, soon after liftoff, the spacecraft experienced a series of problems and purposely exploded over the Gulf of Mexico.

Over the course of just over four months, the FAA conducted investigations to understand the problems with the spacecraft, and on September 8 they were shut down. In total, 63 corrective actions were identified at Starship. 57 of these have been addressed according to Musk, on his profile on X, the others concern future launches.

Licenses to fly

According to ReutersActing FAA Administrator Polly Trottenberg, in a conference held on the 13th, said that approval for the Starship launch is already underway and is expected to be issued in October.

We are working well with them and have had good discussions. The teams are working together and I think we are optimistic [sobre a emissão de uma licença] next month.

Polly Trottenberg

Additionally, Spacex will also need an environmental permit from the Fish and Wildlife Service, but Trottenberg stresses that there is no prediction as to when that will happen and how long it might take.

Plans for Starship’s second test flight haven’t been released yet, but Musk is already waiting for it to happen.

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