Mysterious hand found carved in Jerusalem trench

A ditch has been found under a busy road in the Old City of Jerusalem. What surprised archaeologists was a carved hand on the wall. Researchers believe the construction was built about 1,000 years ago during the Holy Wars.

The moat was found under one of the city’s main thoroughfares, while archaeologists carried out research work before a road infrastructure project was carried out. According to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the hole was dug around the 11th century by Muslims to defend the city walls.

The pit, which currently forms a gallery, was dug directly into the rock, measuring about 10 meters in width and ranging from 2 to 7 meters in depth. Although archaeologists believe the hole serves to protect the walls, they don’t understand why the hand was carved.

“Does it symbolize something? Indicates a specific nearby element? Or is it just a local joke? Time can tell

IAA archaeologists, in a statement.

jerusalem moat

Many European castles have moats filled with water. However, the Jerusalem moat was kept empty so that its enormous proportions constituted an almost insurmountable obstacle for enemies.

According to historians of the time, the moat helped delay enemies such as the Crusaders during the siege of Jerusalem in AD 1099. However, the Catholic side of the war managed to overcome the city’s barriers.

Exhausted from the journey, [os cruzados] they stopped in front of the huge ditch, and only after five weeks managed to cross it tactically and at the cost of much blood, under heavy fire from the defenders. [muçulmanos] and Jews”

Amit Re’em, IAA regional archaeologist

Other fortifications

According to Re’em, the fortifications of Jerusalem were incredibly complex and formidable. They relied on the deep moat and two thick walls for the enemies to cross while fire and brimstone rained down upon them.

Furthermore, Muslims also built tunnels which were found in earlier excavations. The defenders passed through them who attacked the enemies by surprise to disappear back into the city.

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