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Doctors warn of the phenomenon of skipping medical appointments

Difficulties in accessing care are well-known lack of “medical time”… and we’re losing it: This paradox was recently addressed by the National Board of Medical Examiners and the National Academy of Medicine, which, in a joint press release dated January 27, published their “deep concern” he in front “Serious Consequences” Increased due to missed medical appointments. In other words, by “Rabbit”according to the prescribed expression.

A phenomenon that appears to them “steady growth”Write the two bodies, based on a collection of numerical figures (most of them coming from previous field surveys, private or trade unions), which occupy a specific terrain at a time when six million French people do not have a doctor.

“Each week between 6% and 10% of patients do not show up for a patient appointment, which equates to nearly two hours of wasted physician consultation time per week, regardless of discipline, and by extrapolation, nearly 27 million appointments. They don’t appreciate every year”, can be read under their signature. Almost two-thirds of these no-shows are on first dates.

At the end of the day, access to a doctor was disrupted “Patients who really need it, Emphasizes Professor Patrice Tran Ba ​​Hui, President Emeritus of the National Academy of Medicine. Because what do people do without an appointment? They go to emergency rooms, which are already overwhelmed, for care they don’t always require. This is a vicious circle that needs to be broken immediately. »

at all levels of the system

“This will help to solve part of the problem of access to care, Generous is Jean-Philippe Platel, President of the Council of the Northern Division of the Order of Physicians. By diverting the lost supply of appointments to other patients, the pressure on the healthcare system will be reduced. » In his department, the 2022 survey estimated a 7.6% non-appointment rate across all practices and specialties combined.

“Doctors tell us that they manage to catch 15%. says Dr. Platel, because another patient is waiting or an emergency… but 85% is spent. It’s a waste of luck, and it’s viewed by colleagues as an oversight that feeds a sense of devaluation…”

A warning sounds in context In particular: the city medical unions are in the process of renegotiating pay and working conditions for the next five years. But the same observation occurs at all levels of the health care system—among liberal, hospital, and salaried physicians. On January 6, Emmanuel Macron promised that A “There will be work[it] busy with treatment” that “boost” patients and “Account for this dead waste of medical time”.

Source: Le Monde



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