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Without nurses, another hospital joins the use of the Moxi robot; Appearance

After Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, both in the United States, hired a robot to meet daily demands due to the acute shortage of nurses with the covid-19 crisis, it is now been around the Chicago region to surrender to the already notorious Moxi.

The robot was built by the company Diligent Robotics to perform about 30% of the tasks of professionals that do not involve direct interaction with patients, such as leaving samples for analysis in a laboratory – a kind of assistant.

According to the information of THE GLOBE, Elmhurst Memorial Medical Center hired two Moxi robots; Your duties are to deliver medicine and supplies to the facility. According to a survey, they deliver about 1,800 deliveries a month, saving the human team more than two million steps and 3,100 man hours.

“They work 24/7 with only a short time to charge (the battery). We would need at least six people to do that amount of work,” Hiral Patel, the hospital’s director of innovation, told Fox News.

Moxi features a robotic arm and set of wheels at its base and can be pre-programmed to perform a variety of hospital tasks; they have a digital display with an identification reader to allow the doors implanted in their robotic arm to be opened. Here’s how it works: It’s connected to the institution’s electronic health record system, and nurses can set up rules and tasks so that the robot gets a command when certain things change in a patient’s record.

Moxi’s programming centered around human-robot social interaction and was carefully designed to be non-threatening and transparent in its actions. Her head only moves in human-like directions and her eyes always point in the direction of what’s moving, a signal to people around to know where the robot is going. The design was also designed not to convey an intimidating image.

In an interview with the tabloid fast companyin 2019, creators of Moxy and founders of Diligent Robotics, Andrea Thomaz and Vivian Chu, stressed that the intention with the device is, in no way, to replace nurses, but to “augment the team” and help with less complex time-consuming tasks.

“Our true vision is to bring robots that work side-by-side with people to markets, which are changing the future of work,” said Thomaz. “It will allow people to do so much more.”

While Moxi doesn’t interact directly with patients (despite having reactions in her system like flailing and glaring eyes when someone talks to her), the pair of robotics specialists believe that over the years, this implementation will happen in a more intense and specific way. .

“When he walks by and greets you, and his (beady) eyes really seem to have a personality. We don’t think of it as a ‘thing,’ she is Moxi,” said Karen Hogg, nursing supervisor at Texas Hospital, on another occasion.

In the future, the goal is to create other types of robots based on Moxi as well; both to be a simple friend and companionship and to assist in other areas. However, the company’s priority, for now, is medical care.

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