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The Happiness Quartet, Brain Chemicals

Today we will enter the world of the most amazing and impressive machine in human life: the brain.

Getting to know each other is a fundamental part of personal and spiritual growth. However, it’s also a way to feel more at ease with yourself, by understanding how and why certain things work, you have a much more viable picture. Another thing that happens is that as you begin to learn about yourself and other creatures, you begin to marvel at how magical and impressive God’s creations are.

Now there is an extremely powerful machine that we have inside our body called: the brain. It is so impressive that it is often compared to the most incredibly complex and inexplicable computer in history. Instead of electrical circuits that control digital devices, the brain has billions of cells called neurons.

It is one of the magical functions of the brain neurotransmitters What are they? chemical substances Made by the body that transmits signals, or information, from one neuron to another through points of contact called synapses. It is scientifically proven that our brain chemistry can change anything, it can lead us to a certain state of mind, any change can make us experience the highest motivation or the most desperate sadness. In fact, the results of many medications or the effects of drugs are based on causing changes in these substances in the brain.


Types of brain chemicals:

Of all substances, there are four naturally occurring chemicals in our bodies that are commonly defined as Quartet of happiness:

1. Dopamine: It is related to the pleasure hormone, it is the one that drives us towards our goals, desires and needs because it offers us a pleasant rush of emotions when we achieve them. Poorly channeled it can be a big stone in the road as it is responsible for addictions, but well used and channeled it can be a great ally.

Dopamine links people’s safety and self-esteem traits. Therefore, self-insecurity and lack of enthusiasm are associated with low dopamine levels. Segregation of this substance can be increased by consuming foods such as mangoes, apples, oregano and nuts.

two. Serotonin: It is known as the happiness hormone which is responsible for regulating certain functions such as mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, body temperature, sexual desire and even sleep cycle or pattern.. Low levels of this substance are associated with depression and obsessions. On the other hand, as with virtually everything in life, excess serotonin can cause symptoms of varying severity. But, in its fair measure, it is of great help with stress and anxiety.

There are natural ways to boost serotonin, such as: exercise, thinking about nature, giving thanks every day, spending time with loved ones, eating foods like bananas, pineapples, sweet fruits, coffee and dark chocolates.

3. Oxytocin: Also known as the love hormone. This substance helps us feel more secure and sociable and promotes healthy relationships. It is secreted by women and men during orgasm, and mothers during childbirth and lactation. When it is separated, it affects our body physically and emotionally, producing emotional well-being, optimistic thoughts, increased self-esteem, lower blood pressure and heart rate, helping us feel more relaxed.

It has been scientifically proven that one of the easiest ways to release this substance is through a hug, and this is where the 8:8 rule comes into play, which tells us that to keep oxytocin levels high, you need to hug 8 different people for 8 seconds each day. . Another simple and very special way to do this is through random acts of kindness, helping as many people as possible, and besides growing spiritually, you are also physically producing a very useful substance for your life in general. Through meditation we can also receive this hormone.

four. Endorphin: It is one of the most amazing hormones that our brain releases, they call it “endogenous morphine” because it basically acts like morphine or opiates, but endogenously and without the side effects because it is naturally released by our brain. It is a type of pain reliever that reduces pain, promotes relaxation, slows the aging process, improves mood, produces an antidepressant effect, and reduces anxiety.

There are several ways to stimulate the production of endorphins: take a walk, even a few blocks, start dancing, even for ten minutes. Laughter is the best source of endorphins, it has a noticeable effect on brain chemistry, there are many studies showing that laughter reduces physical pain and boosts the immune system. Soft music causes a significant release of endorphins, slows down heart and breathing rates, and promotes muscle relaxation.

4 brain chemicals
4 brain chemicals

In conclusion, it can be said that we basically have an internal pharmacy, which if we learn to use correctly, we will get extremely positive results every day. So my invitation today is for you to investigate more and become truth seekers. We have an inner world to discover and tend to, the desired balance we all seek is achieved by nourishing our soul, our body and our mind.

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