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Duke announced the show in Chile and sold out the tickets in 24 hours

The Argentine artist will present his “Ya Supiste Tour” at the Movistar Arena in a neighboring country.

Next September 10, Duke Will be presented Chile Within the tour “You already knew the tour” With whom he will tour in Latin America and Spain. Argentine artist Tickets for the show are sold out Movistar Arena in a neighboring country in just 24 hours.

The announcement of Duke’s first concert at the Movistar Arena in Chile sparked a furor among Argentine fans on the other side of the mountain. All the tickets for the “Ya Supiste Tour” function were sold out in just one day.

Duke Photo: twitter

The tour includes trips Mexico In May and then it will be Spain June, July and August. Eventually, the trap exponent will return to South America to introduce himself to Chilean fans.

This series of concerts will feature a list of the musician’s hits, as well as a presentation of his latest work “From the End of the World” and “Reggaeton Season”, plus the singles he has just released.

Duke premieres “Si Quiero Frontear” with De La Ghetto and Kvevedo

Duke Has released its new single “If you want a border” Next to the urban genre indicator Ghetto And a prominent Canary artist, Kevdo. With a Western-themed video clip, musicians duel with enemies.

After the premiere “Your name” next to FMKDuke is still collaborating with two artists in the genre De La Ghetto and Quevedo in the genre “Si Quiero Frontear”. This new song continues “Regeton Season” That the Argentine artist started last year and it will have its continuation.

Aside from QuĂ©vedo, a novelty for the young Spanish artist postulated as this 2022 revelation, De La Ghetto’s bars fit perfectly with the Argentine style.

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