God Level All Stars 2vs2 Arrives in Buenos Aires: Everything you need to know about match 3 days

Papo and Jazz have won a second date in Chile and are joining the podium so far.

East April 17th Will be held Movistar Arena The third date of Buenos Aires God Level All Stars 2 vs2A freestyle competition that will bring the most anticipated duets in the country into action.

So far, after two dates in Colombia and Chile, God Level All Stars 2 vs2 lead Gorges-TNitro. Colombia and Chile won the first day after the defeat ტიExt Lokilo.

Chuty y Klan
Chuty and the Klan Photo: instagram.com/godlevel_allstars

Are in second place ჩუტი MeritheaThe pair added 4750 points between the two dates. Below, they are in third place Stewart Theorem Tied Father On jazzSecond Date Champions. Both pairs have 4500 points.

The 3rd match will be held From 5:00 p.m. At the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, with audience participation and broadcast as a front-end platform UBEAT.

Best First Date God Level All Stars 2 vs2

first day God Level All Stars 2 vs2 He had some distinctive moments. The big surprise of the night was the characters ტიExtLokilo Who managed to beat Marithea ჩუტი In the quarterfinals.

Undoubtedly, the revelation of all the stars of the level of God in 2 vs2 Bogota, Colombia It was a duet between Letra and Lokilo, who entered the reserve at the last minute after the withdrawal. Sweet pain. The duo of Venezuelan and Colombian surprised the night and defeated the title contenders Chuti and Maritea in the quarterfinals.

However in the final they failed with a duet created by the locals Gorges-T Nitro, Who became the champions of this first edition. What was amazing was he The flow through Ubeat was stopped in the last minutes of the final fight. Complaints from those who paid for the signature did not last long spread through social media.

For their part, the Argentines leave big Emphasizes. Couple Clan მნაკი Collided ᲡNominal Metlinguistics In the quarterfinals, however, they finished second in the semifinals. They later faced each other in a battle for third and fourth place Wiki LookWho took third place.

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