T&K will premiere its mini-documentary at Obras Sanitarias

The screening will have two functions in the Belgrano Cinema Multiplex.

Argentine rap reviewer T&K Announced about it next Tuesday 19 April His mini-documentary Testimony on sanitary works. There will be two exclusive features Multiplex movies Located near Belgrano, in the city of Buenos Aires.

“Bs As Stories”, A short film about what T & K’s presentation was at the Obras Sanitaria Stadium can be seen at the cinema next Tuesday, April 19, at the Multiplex in Belgrano.

T&K Photo: Press

The rooms will have capacity 250 seats per function And tickets can be purchased alpogo.com

With his albums “Writing Classics”, “1993: The Lost Tapes” and “El Libro Negro”, T&K became one of the biggest representatives of Argentine rap in the world. Finally, in November last year, he was consecrated in front of a crowd outside the Obra Stadium.

Urban Nation, a new hip hop festival that brings together its biggest exhibitors

Urban Nation Is the new and first festival that brings together the world’s greatest referents Hip Hop his Come outThree of them are national as AccurateT&K Homer is simple, Who will share the scene for the first time. The event will take place later 25 May In it Working Stadium.

Arriving from Spain is already recognized Proc (Duet from Ayax and Prok), emblematic rapper Foyone Ferdinand Costa, A new face of rap that exploded recently and filled the Palacio Vistalegre in front of 10,000 people. In addition, they add to the line Ronpe 99 Which presents his latest album Síntomas in full band format and the Argentine exponent of the genre T&K.

I am oneFamous rapper with ascension who continues to position himself strongly on stage and ShitemThe rapper from Mar del Plata is also part of the network. but Olivia MTK The DJ and music curator will be responsible for the music throughout the day of the festival.

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