The Red Bull Battle has extended the 2022 registration date

Until April 18, you can send a video to get to the national final of each country.

Battle of the Red Bull It is reported that the registration deadline is 2022. Until Monday, April 18th It will be possible to upload an improvised video, which allows each user of the company’s application to participate National Final Of each country.

This way, the test upload time still remains Through the app In the Battle of Red Bull. In addition, it is recommended to record the audit in a bright and quiet place so that each participant can clearly see and hear.

Nuevo plazo para inscribirse
New Registration Photo: Red Bull Battle

The freestyle competition is also reported to return this year to regional, i.e. there will be face-to-face battles in different cities of the country, which will determine who will qualify for the grand national final.

Some of the names of MCs who have already sent their video to Argentina are: CTZ, G5, Nasir Catriel, Cobe, Alkoy, Jesse Pungaz, Dybbuk, Vid, Roma, Brasita, Mecha, Efrum, One Night, Raka, Exe, Mr. Base.

God Level All Stars 2vs2 Arrives in Buenos Aires: Everything you need to know about match 3 days

East April 17th Will be held Movistar Arena The third date of Buenos Aires God Level All Stars 2 vs2A freestyle competition that will bring the most anticipated duets in the country into action.

So far, after two dates in Colombia and Chile, God Level All Stars 2 vs2 lead Gorges-TNitro. Colombia and Chile won the first day after the defeat ტიExt Lokilo.

Are in second place ჩუტი MeritheaThe pair added 4750 points between the two dates. Below, they are in third place Stewart Theorem Tied Father On jazzSecond Date Champions. Both pairs have 4500 points.

The 3rd match will be held From 5:00 p.m. At the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, with audience participation and broadcast as a front-end platform UBEAT.

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