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New Threatening Messages From Johnny Depp About Amber Heard Revealed

Threatening messages from Johnny Depp were revealed at his trial.

The actor is suing the ex-wife and also actress of defamation after the blonde wrote an article for the Washington Post, reporting that she was a victim of sexual, psychological and physical harassment, without mentioning the name of her ex-husband. And as the trial goes on, we get more and more details of this troubled relationship.

Their neighbor and friend was called to testify on Depp’s behalf, however, in analyzing the messages exchanged by the actor with Baruch, Heard’s defense found some disturbing messages. The messages, exchanged in 2016, showed the actor’s aggressiveness towards his ex-wife: “I hope she becomes a decomposing corpse in the backseat of a Honda Civic. That bitch ruined the cool life we ​​had for a while.” Depp confirmed that he sent the messages.

Upon being interrogated, Isaac Baruch became emotional and began to break down in tears, defending his friend, saying that Amber’s allegations hurt him and everyone around him: “Is not fair! It’s unclear what she did and how it impacted so many people. It’s crazy how that happened.”

defense attorney for Amber Heard, asked if Baruch had ever witnessed a scene of violence between the two, and, after a few moments of silence, he replied: “I have never witnessed any of the behaviors that are being pointed out.”

After Johnny Depp’s sister alleges that the two suffered physical abuse from their parents and swore they would never do that, Amber Heard’s defense took a stand, claiming that there is evidence in photos, conversations and on video. Amber’s defense will call the actor and the director to testify, whom she worked with while acting in the movie Aquaman.

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