Kachis, an artist from Rosario who has played with L-Gante, CRO and Homer El Mero Mero and who wants to conquer with his reggaeton

The singer, who recently released the song “Thomas”, admits that there are limitations to being inside the country, but believes that the main thing is “music that people like.”

Kashi Is an urban genre rosario artist who started with music at an early age and by faith he was forced to play with artists such as L-Ghent, CRO and Homer El Mero Mero To become one of the promises of Argentine reggaeton.

In an interview Urban roadKashi, who has just released his new song “Take it“, Tells us about the limitations of being inside the country with music and its established artists.

It is difficult when a person is from the interior, we do not have the same attention, neither the media nor the number of cameras as in Buenos Aires., Artists in Buenos Aires are better known, the road is harder, it is progress. “You have to make music in a way that people like, no matter where you are,” he said.

For his part, in 2021 he was responsible for opening the L-Ghent show at Newell’s Indoor Stadium, where thousands of people could enjoy music and his art. Similarly, he was also the opening role in the Bardero $ show with the CRO and Homer El Mero Mero.

“I played in the Rosario Amphitheater with CRO and El Mero Mero, and in 2021 I was on the L-Gante show. Every child has an impressive humility“Even with El Mero Mero we had the best, we had a chance to share a barbecue,” he recalls.

When asked about reggaeton in Argentina, he admits that the genre is “the best” in the country, adding that “it motivates him a lot to release music.”

Finally, Kashi mentions that he equates himself with reggae and trap – also with Malianto, although he is also in favor of Boom Bap and 90s rap.

Source: Viapais



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