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THE KARDASHIANS Everything that happened at the reality premiere

Everything that happened at the premiere of the new Kardashian family reality show.

Last Thursday night (07), the streaming platform hulu held the hottest event in Los Angeles. the premiere of The Kardashiansthe family’s new reality show debuted on the platform in a bombastic way and it is clear that the event that celebrates the debut could not be different.

The couple that gave the talk this week, , was present! Along with the children of their former marriages, the couple made an appearance as a family, with several smiles. The pair, who recently married in Vegas, are not yet in a legal union on paper, however, according to the businesswoman: Practice makes perfect.

Meanwhile, the pair was little True, his daughter, the result of the relationship with the player . Khloé, who recently spoke about their relationship and what her experience was like, is the only one in the Kardashian clan who has only one child.

Kim Kardashian’s heirs were not present. Once the children’s father, the rapper has already publicly shown his displeasure for the Hulu channel and the production of the new reality show, it was to be expected that and not attend the event. However, Kim was not completely alone.

accompanied by the boyfriend , Kardashian appeared in an all-latex look, done by stylist Thierry Mugler before his death in 2022. Pete chose not to do the red carpet photos, however, he stayed during the pilot screening and during the after party. Insiders say that both he and Kim socialized a lot, and returned home together. How cute!

mama , who recently debuted a new hair style, was there, however, she has already shed the lace she wore to go back to her iconic Pixie cut. In addition to her, the ex-stepmother of the Kardashian sisters, was also present at the event.

The sisters and , as always, carried the title of fashionistas and rocked their looks. Insiders said Kendall’s tequila brand offered drinks to everyone in attendance.

The Kardashians is now available on Hulu.

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