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“Foxcatcher,” on Prime Video: When freestyle wrestling becomes a fight for the underdog

PRIME VIDEO – Saturday February 10 – Movie

Inspired by the news that shook America at the time, John E. Du Pont, the wealthy heir to a chemical industrialist dynasty and brothers Dave and Mark Schultz, both freestyle wrestling champions, were found by Bennett Miller in his third feature film. , fox catcher (2015), a way to combine material from his two previous films, Truman Capote (2005) and strategist (2011). The first tells how the writer Truman Capote extracted a work of art from a bloody crime, the second dissects the fabrics that connect sports and money.

The result is a film of sharp intelligence, carried by an excellent cast and a script whose clarity doesn’t get in the way of its subtlety (E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman). Filmed in wintry tones, accompanied by an eerie score by Rob Simonsen, fox catcher In its center, it offers us the story of a sick man, John E. Du Pont’s portrait. To portray him, Steve Carell went through make-up training that makes him unrecognizable: aquiline nose, shaved eyebrows, altered teeth.

A mediocre heir

When he was a child, John E. Du Pont’s mother (Vanessa Redgrave, in an excellent film) paid the servant’s son to play with her. This wealth allows him to present himself as a leader of people today. With checks and gifts, he convinced the Schultz brothers, then the American Freestyle Wrestling Federation, to accept that he, the heir to the DuPont firm whose mediocrity we viewers know, accepted the mission of Providence to lead Team USA. Olympic victory.

In front of him, the billionaire finds a man as injured as himself, Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum), a bodybuilder wrestler who has the titles of national champion and Olympic wrestling champion. Thrown into foster care as a child, she has no other anchor in her life than the love of her older brother, David (Mark Ruffalo), also a wrestler and Olympic champion. A responsible, honest, loving big brother who serves his coach, gym and life.

Each in its own way falls victim to the passion of a man who already has a lot, but still wants to claim what is left of them – talent, solidarity, a sense of belonging. Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo are flawless, one rough but bright, the other noble but misguided.

Source: Le Monde



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