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Lifestyle picks from Le Monde: waterproof trench, British boots, puffer jacket…

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Rainproof collection in the wind

Accustomed to collaborations (Fendi, Ami, Comme des Garcons, etc.), the K-Way brand has joined forces this season with Parisian label Soeur, co-founded by Angélique and Domitille Brion, to present a capsule collection of rainwear, functional elegance. . Seven pieces were thus created, including a raincoat that looks like a trench coat, a little no-name vest, a windproof shirt and pants, or even a bucket hat to play under your chin when it rains, all available in a beautiful beige. Aubergine and bronze tones dear sister. We also recognize, in flattering cuts and subtle details, the brand’s feminine and elegant undertones. But the novelty, first of all, lies in the use of a new waterproof material developed by the K-Way research and development office called “2.1 Amiable” and used for the first time in this collaboration. It’s an innovative fabric made from recycled nylon, the production of which both parties claim consumes 40% less energy than usual. The fabric is also intended to be more durable, with a ripstop structure (a special fabric that resists wrinkles and tears). If the Soeur logo is discreetly affixed to the pieces, it is primarily the famous K-Way tricolor tape that we see as a soothing Proust madeleine in rain and wind.

Cavalier perfume

It’s not quite a horse, a perfume thing. Moreover, a moment that every rider knows. “I thought about Sunday evening when I came back from the races and opened the saddle room, from which came the strong smell of harness leather and ships, saliva from the pieces, sweat soaked with saddles and tar. we cover the hooves” explains Marc-Antoine Corticiato, a perfumer who has long been tempted to show jumping. It’s hard to describe this daring fragrance that doesn’t fit into any category except to invent one: “wild floral.” At the heart of this brutal composition stands the essence of Oud married to Narcissus, which gives a note of mane and sweat. Hay absolute comes into play in the last lap. It’s like being in a stable. Since the 1980s, we have been trying to remove all traces of animality from perfumes and replace them with the scents of purity. Marc-Antoine Corticciato is one of those rebel perfumers who fights head-on against this all-encompassing puritanism. Li Pa.

Ruade perfume extract, Parfum d’Empire, €420 50 ml.

Soeur and K-Way collaboration, €70 to €130.,

Gentleman’s kit

From left to right, Garrett Portable Flask, in brass and leather case, Ralph Lauren, €245.  Acetate comb and leather case, Celine by Hedi Slimane, €180.  Quilted checkerboard metal lighter by ST Dupont in collaboration with Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, €7,500.  Four Scritto cigar boxes, leather, Berluti, €1,380.

Liquid, men’s fashion? Over the past five years, the most influential ready-to-wear brands have been promoting a more androgynous and sensual masculinity. However, the traditional offering has not disappeared from the show and the costume is resisting. But it’s in the accessories department where we see the resurgence of casual masculinity most clearly. A flask of whiskey, a cigar box, an expensive lighter or a comb will bring to life a cheerful, adventurous gentleman. James Bond Or the heartbreaking, fugitive Françoise from Sagan’s novel. They also evoke a very XX bourgeois elegancee In a century in which intelligence meant that a man was well-groomed and clean-shaven, knew how to drink and smoke. V. Pe.,,,

Stylish boots

“Step by step forward. Slowly but surely. » The philosophy of English shoemaker John Lobb in 1866 continues to permeate modern collections. The most classic models that are meant to create the perfect shoe assortment sometimes sit very restrained next to daring offerings, like this new Masonic ankle boot, which reveals a metal buckle with an oval pattern. Inspired by the style of Chelsea, this shape allows you to wear it without straps thanks to the elastic on the side, which is covered with a leather lining that provides comfort and support, while the leather strap hugs the ankle thanks to the inverted closure. This oval will also be used in the summer of 2024 and thus promises one of the new house codes. F. Kh.

Mason boots, leather, €1980, John Lobb.

show-cold in the dressing room

Isser-born Moncler and German-based gear maker Adidas were founded simultaneously in 1952 and 1949, however, the two sportswear giants never met. This is completed with this wardrobe consisting of leggings, trainers, gloves, pants, sneakers… Dominant black, khaki, fluorescent yellow, bright orange and royal blue, where we find the signature of the two giants: the three stripes. A well-laid nylon precious to Adidas and Moncler.

Moncler × Adidas Originals collaboration, €70 to €2,140. On sale from October 2.

The irony of wine

in the basement

The Duché-d’Uzès appellation celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It is one of the newest vineyards in France, although its vineyard has existed for more than two thousand years, among olive trees, truffle oaks and gard bushes. At their estate La Tour de Gâtigne, none other than a former Templar commandery, the Gibal family are releasing a new vintage called Montaure to mark the occasion. A classic blend of Grenache and Syrah, its modern flavors offer a powerful twist. Its texture confirms that we are entering a new era. And we are surprised by its freshness, balance and elegance, while the Céven foothills are more rustic. Les Toiles cuvée from Domaine Agarrus proves that the Duchy of Uzes knows how to offer silky and delicate wines. The fruit, the pepper, the spice, it’s all there, with a little touch, for flavors that linger for a long time. LG

Domaine Agarrus, Les Toiles, Duchy of Uzès, red, organic, €11.90. Such. : 06-70-78-06-66.
La Tour de Gâtigne, Montaure, Duchy of Uzès, red, organic, 2022, €14.90.

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