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Aperitif with Guillaume Canet: “Finally I understood that this cinema would not save me”

However, we thought we were clear, as with each of our guests: it is up to them to suggest a place that suits them for an aperitif and to choose their drink of choice. But Guillaume Canet did everything wrong: he met us at 5 pm in the hotel bar at 8.e An area where he has never worn sneakers. We assume that out of laziness, he asked the communicators responsible for the release of the next film he stars in (very effective Acid, by Just Philippot, in theaters September 20) to find it somewhere west of Paris. So we found ourselves in a small boudoir in the middle of July, with chairs covered with thick velvet, black lacquered tables placed on thick woolen carpets, atmospheric candles, all this gives the illusion of a club at two o’clock in the morning, when it is daylight. outside.

When we arrive, the actress is posing with red wine. We feel that he does not like to exercise. Still, she goes along with it, flashing her cute smile to match her teenage looks, but she’s nervous and impatient. “it annoys me”, he politely admits to the photographer. This is an expression because, in this case, the wine glass was not touched. He didn’t know what to order, he thought “This will be an aperitif”. Another drink is waiting on the table a little further away, they call “case”, A non-alcoholic cocktail introduced to him by a friend consists of grapefruit juice, tonic and ice cubes. It gives us a taste: it’s good, it’s fresh, it’s in season. It explains that there is an option “car”with orange juice instead of grapefruit and also “the case” with apples or “something something” Except for a gin and tonic, but now that’s not so sure and we’re completely lost.

When each of us has our “thing” in hand, we can start talking. We won’t risk being overly disturbed by the noise. No doubt thinking he was doing the right thing, the venue manager privatized the bar when he saw the star, meaning we’re far from a makeshift bucket. At the end of it all, another Guillaume, the lovable giant teddy bear responsible for following the star around in the promo, offers to stay two tables away, ” in case “. We kindly explain that we don’t have to worry about anything, we don’t plan to attack Kane with cardboard straws, he can leave us alone. He just as calmly replies that he will stay there, that’s how it works. We will solve it.

Source: Le Monde



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