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Senegalese actor Seydou Sarri, the surprise star of the Venice Film Festival

Dressed in a glittering tank top with pink and white stripes, Seydoux Sari bursts into tears as she takes to the stage at Venice’s Cinema Palace on Saturday, September 9. He recently won the Most Promising Actor Award for his performance in the film. i captain By Matteo Garrone. The 18-year-old Senegalese is a new discovery of the 80se Venice Film Festival Edition. Clearly destabilized, he utters a few words: “Thank you, thank you all, I am very happy… I have no words. »

A year ago, the actor was still living in Dakar, where, like many of his comrades, “He dreamed of being a football player” says his older sister, Ndee Sarri, who was interviewed World Africa. He does not plan an artistic career, but is still sensitive to the performing arts: it is the passion of his mother, who taught drama at the cultural center of Thiès, 60 kilometers east of Dakar. “He received this gift from our mother”Adds Ndeye Sarr. “He taught me how to sing and taste music. I probably owe him more than I thought before this award. ““, the actor admitted to the journalists present at the press conference.

However, Seydoux Sarr has never taken any acting lessons when she goes to the audition. An Italian director is looking for non-professionals to star in his next film: it’s Matteo Garrone and he chooses Seydoux Sarri.

what will happen I, the captainA young man plays a Senegalese illegally immigrated to Italy. Mustafa meets Fol (who plays Musa) in the mercilessly hostile desert and smugglers who are no less hostile. On their hellish journey they will land in Libya – “You are in Libya, either you have money or you go to prison”The man informs – cross there The horrors and torture of detention centers.

Discover the world

Seydoux and his companion Musa do not escape the civil war. They are just two young people like many others who want to discover the world. And become famous rappers: “White people will come and ask us for autographs”– said Seydu to Musa. This is their dream, but once they arrive in Libya, the real trouble begins. The work is based on authentic testimonies and real stories. In particular, Quasi Pli Adama Mamadou, a young Ivorian who fled to escape the famine and civil war that devastated his country until 2011 and who today works as an intercultural mediator in Italy.

However, the Odyssey, of which Seydoux declares himself “captain”, goes beyond documentary and takes on a dimension devoid of the phantasmagorical abstraction of the ancient Greek epics narrated by Homer. Even Matteo Garrone, to whom we owe the cinematic adaptation, took on this dimension. pinocchio in 2019. “There are many Pinocchios in the journey of Seydoux and Musa: they too want to go where they dream of a land of toys and discover, in spite of themselves, the violence of a world inhabited by evil predators”.The director confided to an Italian magazine Tsiak.

For Seydou Sari, shooting was an initiator in every way. If his character has the same name, their trajectories have nothing in common. The young actor never thought about migrating to Europe and admitted that he had before No awareness of the risks and suffering that such a crossing of desert and sea, strewn with cruelty and terrible tragedies, could represent. It’s a much clearer path than his character, which he opens after this prize at the Venice Film Festival.

Source: Le Monde



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