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Cannes 2023: With “Anatomy of the Fall” winning the Palme d’Or, Justin Triet becomes the third crowned director in the festival’s history.

At the end of the traditional fifteen-day marathon, we leave the Cannes Film Festival with a sign of disappointment with the competition, which – with a few exceptions that won our admiration – lacked truly outstanding works this year. The “routine” of great auteurs is less inspired than usual, the startling presence of a few films stuck in academicism or soaked, therefore, will prevail over the aesthetic risk. The regret is all the more acute because the films of this last category were represented in the official selection, but in other sections. close your eyes by the Spanish Victor Eris, a huge filmmaker returning after thirty years of silence, or Eureka Only these two works, selected for the Cannes premiere by the great inventor of Argentinian forms, Lisandro Alonso, could restore this failed aesthetic balance.

But let’s not hide our pleasure: the chairman of the jury, Ruben Ostlund, a Swedish director, won gold twice. The triangle of sadness (2022) and square (2017), was awarded the Palme d’Or Anatomy of a Fall, by Justine Triet, one of the most inventive entries in the competition. Written by the director and his partner, the director Arthur Harrar, this wonderfully vague film follows the trial of a writer (Sandra Huler) accused of murdering her husband (Samuel Theis).

On the stage of the Palace of Festivals, Justin Trier will be the only artist of this ceremony who will be thanked for delivering an emotional speech, challenging. “Historic Challenge to Pension Reform Shockingly Rejected and Repressed”. He also rebelled “Commoditization of Culture Protected by Neoliberal Government” Which is “In the process of violating the French cultural exception”. Justine Triet is the third woman to win Cannes’ top prize since Jane Campion Piano lesson (1993) and with Julia Ducournau of titanium (2021).

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The two strongest works of this competition will also be awarded with a grand prize area of ​​interest By Jonathan Glazer from England, an exemplary and fascinating film about the representation of the death camps and the Jury Prize Dead leaves Signed by the cantor of freedom and melancholic humor, who is Aki Kaurismäki from Finland. Any prize list that will produce its great forgettables, we will think last summer, A film about maddened impudence, which marked the return of Catherine Breilla to the cinema Chimera By the Italian Alice Rorwacher, whose poetic power was enchanted, after all youth (spring)by Wang Bing of China and an extraordinary ability to stage reality.

Source: Le Monde



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