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Cannes 2023: Her Disarming and Romantic Majesty Josh O’Connor

First we ask, what should we call him: your majesty, majesty, your royal majesty? Because we’re a little lost, not to find ourselves on a terrace in Cannes with Prince Charles, the very year he just became King.

” I have no idea “– replies Josh O’Connor with that laugh and those gentle eyes and those pitiful eyes that won him an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his interpretation of the series. A crown The most patient royal heir. “I’m glad he’s finally inducted, I think I’ve figured it out. But I don’t know him at all. After filming the series, people asked me: Charles said, what do you think? No matter what I replied that I didn’t know and I didn’t care, they continued. »

The 33-year-old British actor is now acting ChimeraThe story of a dowsing archaeologist and a gang of grave robbers, one for money, one for love, by Italian director Alice Rorwacher, in Official Competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Josh O’Connor is a rising actor. After he performed only the earthFrances Lee (2017), A Yorkshire farmer falls in love with his Romanian laborer, her name keeps ringing.


Women fight over him (“I’ve worked with more female directors than male directors: Eva Husson, Autumn de Wilde, Ellen Cura, Harriet ‘Harry’ Wutliff, Lone Scherfig, Joanna Coates…”(fingers crossed), gays adore her, and Loewe, the Spanish ready-to-wear brand, a subsidiary of LVMH, has made her its male muse.

It was during filming in Mexico City that Alice Rohrwacher called him. He wrote to her, expressing his admiration and desire to work with her. “Alice – she pronounces it in Italian: ‘Alichi’He told me: I am preparing a film, but it is not for you, the character should be much older. I was disappointed. Two months later, he called me again and said: “Okay, I’m writing a character, I’m rejuvenating.” » bright smile The boy is disarming, his smile is disarming, there is a pat on the shoulder from six feet tall. We remember the photo where we found a resemblance to Pogues singer Shane McGowan. And, at the same time, we will discuss A crown. The man is one of those rare chameleon actors who can look like the real Prince Charles.

Source: Le Monde



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