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Cannes 2023: Filmmakers’ Monday explores unusual territory

Cannes 2023: Filmmakers’ Monday explores unusual territory

The Quinzaine des cinéastes ended on the evening of Thursday, May 25, with a presentation. in our daysProlific South Korean Hong Sang-soo, a concentrate of purity and instant poetry that resonates with many of the works in this 55 series.e editing. To the new team of selectors led by Julien Regal, the event showed an editorial course tailored to strong artistic gestures and a bet on the young guard of international authors who are still little identified by the industry radars.

A mission we can say accomplished because at least two major promises were made during those ten days: GraceIndependent Russian Ilya Povolotsky’s first feature film reinvents existential wanderlust cinema and LeguaSigned jointly by Portugal’s Filipa Reyes and João Miller Guerra, a rural chronicle of boundless sensibility about the decline of a noble and ancient residence, which two women last preserve.

For the rest, Fortnight was sensitive to new American sounds, with three transatlantic feature films hailing exclusively from the East Coast as the perfect antidote to Hollywood. sweet east by Sean Price Williams and Riddle of fireBy Weston Razul, the haunting fugues into the vagaries of Trump’s post-Trump America are both lost in a blur of ironic detachment and hyper-self-awareness, winking and self-centered illusions.

A barbaric fantasy

On the other hand, Feeling that the time to do something has passedBy actress and editor Joanna Arnow, it turned out to be a much more compelling discovery. Or the sordid self-portrait of today’s young New Yorker (played by the director himself) focuses on sexual subjugation, which is not exactly in keeping with the times. Ilarita reached a crescendo at the Théâtre Croisette in front of this raunchy comedy, with uncompromising stripping, betting on a frontal relationship to the point of discomfort (school case: how to get over sneezing when you give your partner fellatio?).

Space traversed in all dimensions was a key element of this selection. Wide open spaces, first of all on this edge of the Caucasus, are crossed in a van by a father and his daughter who run a traveling cinema in St. grace, by Ilya Polotovsky, but also the great Moroccan south in the Beckettian Western deserts Fauzi by Bensaid, or even the axis of Brussels-La Jonquere, traversed in detective style, is suspended Other Laurens By Belgian Claude Schmitz. We think too Golden butterfly tree by Vietnamese An Pham Thien and his formalist three-hour drift through the rural roads of Cochinchin, a mental journey sheltered from preconceived reflection.

Source: Le Monde


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