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This week in the cinema: “Tar”, “Forbidden to dogs and Italians”, “Ashkali”…

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A big week of cinema, adapted to all tastes. Social issues dominate, but the best films are the ones that refuse to be subordinated to them. “Cancel culture” on the side tar, a complex, ambiguous, ultimately adult Hollywood film. Family memory of emigration in volumes of artisanal animationProhibited for Italians and dogs. Echoing the Tunisian revolution through a fantasy thriller Open up. or even a Senegalese horror western, Salumiwhich aims to rekindle the continent’s cinematic flame.

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tar “, a virtuoso victim of his arrogance

It’s been a long time since a movie, a true auteur, has captivated the public as much as a fictional character has had so much enthusiasm and commentary. Since its release in Anglo-Saxon cinemas, some have offered their own interpretive delirium about the meaning of the ending, others have railed against the misogyny of the portrayal of Lydia Tarr, The Brilliant Conductor, The Brilliant Conductor. at the height of his career. It remains to be seen how much is the actor and the character here, how much Cate Blanchett, an actress of absolute technique, flourishes in this role, which is at her best: the sharpness of her acting, her deep voice and her hypnotic phrasing. They make a great show by themselves – they are the metronome of every scene.

Tar’s absolute brilliance has its counterpoint. She plans to hire a musician who has caught her eye, doing everything she can to keep quiet about the suicide of a scholarship student under her influence. The entire small circle of relatives and assistants are helpless witnesses to the unpunished abuse of this woman, who is too exceptional to be subject to the gaze of society – she prefers God. It will cost him dearly. But it will reduce tar What it’s not: Sort of a thesis film Abolition of culture. He poetically captures the spirit of the time, creating a new way of telling a story from it. First of all: it leaves the viewer in peace, freely positioned, lost and does not know what the next scene will be – this wandering is a very rare gift in cinema. Mr. Joe.

Todd Field’s American and German film. With Cate Blanchett, Noemi Merlant, Nina Ho (2h38).

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“Forbidden to dogs and Italians”, TAn intimate tribute to these migrants who built France

Source: Le Monde



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