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Employment in the United States: Companies are pulling out all stops to retain new employees

In a few seconds of video, Lisha, a young black woman wearing large square glasses, takes to the social network TikTok to tell how she quit her new job two days after arriving. He displays the ephemeral badges of his insurance company. and explains. “I wanted to work remotely, they forced me to come to the office two days a week. They did not train me and immediately asked me to enter data into the computer. My colleagues did not greet me or how are you? » Lisha just took her clicks and slugs.

Another clip on TikTok, this time from “Abramrik” (nickname): “I found a better job. But, after a month, another company offered me an even better one. “. He left. “it happened to me”– says Alex Vega, who also left his new employer a week after his debut, because he had just been offered $30,000 (about that many euros) more per year.

Going in the first weeks, or even the first three months, is no longer taboo in the United States. Because another job seems easy on the horizon. As a result, major employers such as Meta, Netflix or Amazon are reviewing their recruitment program.

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As of September, the unemployment rate is extremely low at 3.5%. And the talent hunt was in full swing. “Ten million jobs are offered on the Internet”Emphasizes David Lewis, CEO of Operations Inc., the number one HR consulting company. And very good prospects “They offer four different jobs”adds Mercy Noah, vice president of human capital at video platform developer Qumu Corporation. “We are still in the post-pandemic redesign periodexplains David Kingsley, human resources manager at software publisher Intercom. The relationship between employer and employee has changed. It is the latter who is responsible and wants to know what the company’s values ​​are. »

If the impression is bad, it goes elsewhere. without unnecessary damage. “Look at Travels on LinkedIncontinues Mr. Kingsley. There are people who change jobs after three months, five months, and no one is surprised. » In fact, a recent survey by employment platform Employ Inc shows that a third of job seekers can easily leave a job without having any idea what’s going to happen next. And 30% admit to abandoning a new business within the first ninety days.

Source: Le Monde



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