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New commercial and office space opened in Maipu: what businesses can be visited

It is one of the enterprises aimed at building sites for companies and professionals, a sector that is experiencing significant development in the province.

Although real estate development aimed at housing construction has slowed somewhat, it An important development is the construction of office spaces for companies or professionals. They are all Current projectsWith varying degrees of progress, and one of them was officially opened last weekend: Torreon Business Center.

CET is located in Luzuriaga (Maipú) and has 43 offices and 15 commercial premises. 85% of the units are already sold and reached 75% occupancy. John Paul RamirezEl Torreón’s director of operations commented recently trust that there was a great demand for rentals, which is considered very positive, as some buyers were looking for space for their own offices, while others considered it as an investment and were able to rent quickly.

Except for a few professionalsCompanies from the wine and energy sectors and even technology firms from Buenos Aires or Rosario have settled in. that expanded to other countries and decided to open a branch in Mendoza. And the stores found are: Café Entre Dos, Tetra Premium Tech Store, Drugstore/Rapipago Nación, El Torreón Pharmacy, Living ART, Pinturas Sergio, Aberturas Tecno, Ofelia Bookstore and Adlanto Commercial Offices.

Although they originally planned to inaugurate CET in March, they expected 90% occupancy in commercial buildings (which has been slightly delayed due to the fluctuating dollar), which supports both offices and neighborhoods. now, With the majority in operation, they decided to “cut the official ribbon” on September 23 and present to the community with activities throughout the weekend.

Inauguration of Torreon Business Center
Inauguration of Torreon Business Center

It was on Friday Official opening cocktail party with tenants and tenants of buildings and offices of CET. Subsequently he started “Spring in El Torreon”, in which the new Torreon business center and operating building were promoted, in the presence of the Bocanegra gang. He was the event organizer adlantum.

Throughout the weekend, visitors had the opportunity to visit the Benditta Feria stalls and the Mendoza Mobile Gastronomy Association (Amegam) food trucks. On Saturday there was music, children’s games, parking lots and the band Los Chetitos performed live. And on Sunday, to round off the proposal, there was the “First Running Day”, with 10K, 5K and kids’ races, organized by Alto Trail & Trekking. Departures and arrivals were at the CET parking lot and the route was made through the area of ​​Barrio del Torreon and Perilago.

Inauguration of Torreon Business Center
Inauguration of Torreon Business Center

Some of the institutions that accompanied this event were the Club Mendoza Regatas and the Colegio San Francisco Javier, in addition to the owners of Barrios del Torreón and residents of the district of Maipu and other departments of Mendoza.

In turn, Sancor Seguros opened in Avatar last week. also, construction of a corporate building in the urban center of Palmares and others, DragonIn Chakra Park (where they are already working on the preliminary design of the building, where the studios will be located, with three possibilities of use: as an office, as a residence for one person or as a temporary rental).

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