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Three strategies for spending less on fuel

There are various ways to access discounts on cargo, ranging from apps to bank promotions. In addition, you can know the price at each gas station

Weekends are an ideal time to change the air. And for many it means getting in the car and spending the day outside, or visiting somewhere. So that Fuel price Do not be the main item to be considered when Select a destinationWe will tell you what you can do Spend less on loading the tank.

One of the first tools that can be used is Prices in the pumpStatement of the Ministry of Energy of the Nation that საშუალებას allows Know the prices of gasolineFrom diesel and CNG stations across the country. You can check the web version or download the mobile app and search for vending machines wherever you are.

It is also useful to download Applications that have the same oil companiesHowever others like Mercado Pago, Ualá and Modo, and some cell phone companies also have an advantage.

Api YPF Provides Discount on Infinia and Infinia Diesel charging, 15% on Tuesdays and 10% on other days. The app also allows you, among other benefits, to easily pay from your mobile phone by QR, earn points for discounts and vouchers, and discover YPF stations along the way. In addition, the state oil company has a program called Serviclub, which collects points for each load that can be exchanged for fuel discounts and various prizes.

Shell also has an app, ShellBoxWhich allows you to pay by scanning the QR code and choosing the payment method, but above all by access Discounts such as 10% savings on V-Power fuel for the first app purchase and 10% savings on V-Power fuel on Wednesdays.. You can also accumulate pipes with each purchase, not only at the fuel and lubricant stores, but also at the food and beverage company’s service station stores. These pipes can later be purchased at stores to purchase fuel, lubricants and products.

And the third strategy to reduce the monthly amount invested in fuel is consultation Shares that your bank has. Many offers Discounts on workload on certain days of the week And there are those who, when using a credit or debit card, Accumulate points that can be redeemed for bonuses When loading the tank.

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