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Valentine’s Day: This is what you spend your money on when you don’t have a partner, according to Profeco

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There celibacy He was in orient yourself in recent years in all regions of the world, and specifically in Mexico, at least the 34.2% of people remained single, while 5.2% decided to separate; 2% are the result of divorce and widowers represent 4.8% of the total.

the above, according to data published by the Population and housing census 2020 and the National Institute of Statistics, and saved by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) to carry out a study on money spent by single peoplecompared to what couples spend, to demonstrate whether it is better or worse for your pocket to never think about getting married, getting together, or sharing expenses with your partner.

What does a single person spend more on than a couple?

Profeco cites research from Wavemaker, which explains that as singlehood increases exponentially around the world, forms of consumption people who don’t have a partner too they change over time. Currently, here is the list of what they spend most of their money on:

  • As they have greater purchasing power, they also spend more time outside seeking to socialize, much more than as a family or as a couple.
  • They tend to eat longer away from home.
  • They tend to buy food more frequently, although this may seem like a disadvantage, the advantage is that they do it in smaller quantities.
  • 16% of their income is spent on car (or private transport) expenses, while 12% is spent on going to bars, restaurants, etc.
  • They spend more money on clothing, entertainment and travel than people living with a partner. In fact, the main expense for single people is in the supermarkets themselves.

How else does being single affect a couple’s money factor?

And although it may seem like a fantasy, the truth is that right now cover your expenses aloneonly with your own economic income, the cost of living is higher than that of a couple who could share these same daily expenses.

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Another scam they might faceis at the time of look for a mortgage, since they must demonstrate their credit capacity, since they will only take into account the financial history of a single person; unlike that of a married couple, where both accounts are taken into account.

Finally, indicates Profeco, its financial perspectives are different, since They tend to worry more about their income levelssince they are neither optimistic nor comfortable with the the savings they made for retirementamong other aspects that might hit them emotionally differently than a couple.

But the reality is that the monetary factor shouldn’t be the only one reason why you should stay with a partnerwell there are many other reasons such as physicalhe emotionalhe mentaland the healthamong a few other factors in which you must base your choice stay single or look for a partner.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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