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Airbus subcontractors face a collision

After a record year for aircraft orders, 2024 promises to be one of delivery delays. European plane maker Airbus has begun informing airlines that it will push back deliveries planned for the end of the year and part of 2025 by several months amid ongoing supply problems. “We are in constant dialogue with our customers. We always work in a difficult environment. “ said on Friday, February 9, the spokesperson of the group, quoted by Reuters, during at the Airline Economics Conference in Dublin.

These difficulties are compounded by all the subcontractors having to respond to the flurry of air traffic. The concern is to produce more aircraft, on the order of 10%, to pay attention to the quality of the parts.

“For reasons of safety and security, taking the slightest risk is out of the question.” We have no right to be careless.”– says Didier Kayat. To ensure the reliability of the production chain, the President of the Aerospace and Defense Equipment Group worked to develop a common uniform standard for the entire sector, Aero Excellence. “This tool, which will be launched, will allow each company to self-assess itself according to three criteria (operational excellence, environment and cyber security) and be labeled.clarifies Mr. Kayat, also the general director of the equipment manufacturer Daher.

In Pamiers (Ariège), in the Gaul company he runs, Vincent Goizet Works on ultrasonic inspection of discs for the engines it manufactures for Safran. This client entrusted him with an annual production of 3,000 units until 2028. “With Covid-19, my business almost died and Safran saved us with a contract worth 2 million euros over five years.Mr. Goizet recognizes. He wants us to be transparent and strict. You should not hide anything from him, because he will be irreconcilable. » Also, every Friday, the manager is required to send a report to Safran detailing parts deliveries, processing hours incurred, and difficulties encountered. In turn, the engine manufacturer sends a production line performance manager to Pamiers every quarter. An intermediary between the customer and the supplier, he is responsible for ensuring the lift in the factory and evaluating the malfunctions in order to correct them.

Source: Le Monde



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