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Edvi Plenelli announces that he will leave the management of “Mediapart” on March 14

“It’s normal, it’s a neat show.” At the age of 71, journalist Edvi Plennel announced on Monday, February 12, on the air of France Inter, that he would leave the management. media partyThe investigative media outlet he founded sixteen years ago. “I will continue to write for Mediapart, I will continue to be with my writing, but I will not be the legal manager, the boss of the company”explained the current director of the publication without revealing the name of his successor.

On March 16, 2023, Edwi Plenell had already raised the prospect of his withdrawal. “We are working on a consistent, supportive, caring program to be future-proof. We are going to organize it, I have no ambition to hang up, this process continues and will be completed, without a doubt, next year.”He explained this at the press conference.

“The miracle of Mediaparti is that the team is essentially between 25 and 45 years old, I’m 71. It’s normal that it lives independently of us”He emphasizes today.

From Cahuzac to #MeToo

Along with his team, Edwi Plenelli launched the Cahuzac case in late 2012 on behalf of a former Socialist budget minister who was fired after lying about a secret bank account held abroad. Online media have published many revelations about the #MeToo movement, including the testimonies of Gerard Depardieu or, more recently, the psychoanalyst Gerard Miller.

Edvi Plenelli entered the newspaper the world in 1980, before he took the position at the head of the editorial office in 1995. In the 1980s, the French president was investigated for several cases, including an attack by French secret services on the Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace ship campaigning against French nuclear weapons. The tests conducted in Polynesia infuriated President Francois Mitterrand.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde



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