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Wellness Pension: double PAYMENT schedule of 12 THOUSAND pesos from February 12 to 16

You will receive your money on the social card.Credits: Cuartoscuro

During the month of February, elderly people who receive the Social pension They will be able to benefit from a double payment because two periods of two months have been brought forward due to the electoral ban which will be in force for the electoral period of June 2. In this way, during the first two months of the year, the beneficiaries will together receive 12,000 pesos and if we take into account that they were also deposited during the first two months, the amount rises then at 18,000 pesos.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that from 2024 he would increase the amount of Wellness pension for adults over 65, support for grandparents is now 6 thousand pesos fortnightly. Payment is made in alphabetical order, according to the initial letter of the paternal name.

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When will we receive the double social pension payment in February?

The double payment for Social Assistance pensioners began on Monday January 29 and during the month of February the dispersion of resources continues according to the following schedule:

  • Monday 12: L
  • Tuesday 13: M
  • Wednesday 14: L
  • Thursday 15: N, Ñ, O
  • Friday the 16th: P, Q

Payment continues during the week of Monday February 19 to Friday February 23 as follows:

  • Monday 19: R
  • Tuesday 20: R
  • Wednesday 21: S
  • Thursday 22: T, U
  • Friday the 23rd: F, W, X, Y, Z

The next payment will be the one corresponding to the fourth two-month period of 2024, that is, the month of July and will be 6 thousand pesos.

Double payment of 12 thousand pesos for the Wellness Pension

The Social Protection Secretariat has indicated that the deposit will be paid directly to the Banco del Bienestar card available to each of the beneficiaries, so there is no need to worry about it, just keep an eye on the payment schedule to know the date when the support of 12 thousand pesos will be deposited, which is equivalent to the periods of two months :

  • March April
  • May June

Likewise, the head of the department, Ariadna Montiel, emphasized that grandparents do not need to go to the bank to withdraw their money at the counter, since the Banco del Bienestar card works like a debit card and is received in establishments such as supermarkets. .and pharmacies. There is therefore no need to queue to benefit from social assistance.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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