Candidate meetings, the new race for innovation for recruiters

Submit your CV and win €100,000 and many other prizes! » In June 2022, due to not receiving enough applications, recruitment firm Lynks Partner launched an attractive lottery. To try your luck, it was enough to register on a special site and invite two other candidates with bac + 2. The draw was to take place after 1 million CVs were registered.

In order to stand out, many companies are innovating their hiring process with a “go-to” approach, which breaks the idea that a candidate has to apply and believes that the company has to go meet them to convince them to join. his. But this approach must be particularly well-targeted, as the operation is also a roll of the dice for the company: barely six months after Lynks Partner’s lottery hire, the Paris Commercial Court announced the opening of the firm’s judicial liquidation.

It is difficult for job offers to find an audience because there are so many recruitment projects. Pôle emploi’s annual workforce needs survey published in April showed that 61% of employers expected recruitment difficulties this year, a 3.1 percentage point increase compared to 2022. The first reason is the insufficient number of candidates (85% of companies), mismatch of applicant profiles (79%). In order to attract them, despite the unfavorable market for them, companies no longer hesitate to go directly to the streets or village squares in search of candidates.

Getting away from the formal aspect of the interview removes obstacles. “We meet candidates on the street who do not consider themselves legitimate during the traditional process. The relationship is reversed because we show that we need them as much as they need us.”points out Nicholas Morby, 2020 founder of Ethypik, a recruitment company that specializes in screening candidates in public places..

According to the manager, 65% of the profiles in his database are people far from the market, who are neither registered with Pôle emploi, nor in local missions, nor in social networks related to recruitment.

Street to bring employees

Likewise, in 2016, Oiz purchased a passenger bus that traveled from cities to villages to reach residents who do not always have access to public transportation. Here, too, the results are convincing: “Every two people interviewed individually by a professional integration counselor find a way to employment, training or start their own business”It is noted by the department, which opened the fifth bus in 2022.

Source: Le Monde

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