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Meta: Reaching Facebook or Instagram Without Targeted Ads Can Pay

Do you agree to run personalized ads or would you rather pay 10 to 15 euros per month? It’s an option that Meta plans to introduce in a few months to European users of Facebook and Instagram, which are currently free: The parent company of the two social networks has submitted a plan for a paid subscription to European authorities, according to several articles. American Press.

This offer will allow you to enjoy the services without viewing advertisements. It will cost accordingly The Wall Street Journal, About 10 euros per month (or 13, for the mobile version, to compensate for the fees charged by the Apple and Google app stores). THE Financial Times Talks about $14 (€13.30) per month and $17 (€16.20) for shared access to Facebook and Instagram.

The subscription offer violates Mark Zuckerberg’s company habits. But contrary to appearances, this idea does not signal a change in commercial strategy. “Meta believes in the merits of free services funded by targeted advertising. However, we continue to explore options to ensure we meet regulatory requirements. ” A representative of the company responds.

Legal motivation

Indeed, the company’s immediate motivation is primarily legal: the subscription was submitted by Meta to the European Commission and the Irish Data Protection Authority (where its European headquarters are located) as a solution to comply with European data protection regulation. GDPR).

In order to use this 2018 text, Meta has deemed it sufficient to present the updated Terms of Use to Internet users. Accepting this long contract, he said, was an agreement to accept targeted advertising. But the privacy association NOYB has filed a lawsuit to force Instagram and Facebook to obtain consent from their users. And in early 2023, Ireland’s data protection authority agreed: it fined Meta €390 million and ordered it to change its practices. In July, pressure on the company increased further when the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), in another case, ruled that consent was mandatory.

In defense, Meta did not admit defeat. “Decisions do not require consent”, In January, the group announced, thereby providing A “Different legal bases are possible.” Offering a paid subscription would be a solution for Meta. The company relies, in particular, on a small definition that did not escape it in the CJEU decision: the court writes that a service must be offered without targeted advertising, “If the appropriate price is required”.

Source: Le Monde



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