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TotalEnergies CEO refuses to sell fuel at a loss

No offense to Elizabeth Bourne, TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouillant won’t be selling his fuel at a loss. On Tuesday, September 19, a Quotidien journalist asked the program. The big boss warns that he “won’t go down” Compared to the current price of €1.99 per liter at its group’s French gas stations.

“1.99 is the ceiling, TotalEnergies policy will provide (…) I will not come down. It’s already a significant effort.”Mr. Pouiane said, recalling that this tariff is currently in effect at approximately 3,000 stations.. “So that means the normal price is higher”he added.

“Do you often sell products at a loss?” »He asked a journalist who asked if he was going to comply with the government’s demands. “A bit of common sense, that’s right, thank you”he concluded.

A third of French gas stations

The oil group, which operates a third of France’s gas stations, announced last week that it would extend the price of petrol and diesel to €1.99 a liter at its 3,400 stations next year. “while prices are high”.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne lifted the old taboo and announced that the fuel could be sold at a loss. This measure, which will be the subject of the draft law, should be implemented for a period of six months from the beginning of December.

Author: The world with AFP

Source: Le Monde



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