Multi-Tier Industry Drives Women’s Growth

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We all know someone who sells products through a catalog. In Mexico, at least 3 million women dedicate themselves to this type of business and in many cases they do not obtain the social recognition that this work deserves.

A little history on multilevel

Sarah Breedlove, an African American woman, was one of the pioneers of the multi-level industry in the United States in the 1900s. She began selling a product she made door to door and packed home to combat hair loss.

As in multi-level businesses, product quality is the basis for developing a successful business and Madam CJ Walker’s formula proved effective, so quickly that word of mouth advertising took hold, but Additionally, women of color began to be interested in not only using their product but also selling it.

The company’s organic growth inspired Sarah Breedlove to create the Madame CJ Walker beauty company, with which she became the first African-American millionaire.

And as expected, the Madam CJ Walker Company demonstrated a great sense of altruism and looked out for the well-being of women of color, organizing conventions to allow them to start their own businesses marketing the beauty products of the company. In 1917, she organized the first American women’s convention to discuss commerce and business.

Multi-level inheritance

We can see its legacy so far in these women who are building careers and businesses across the industry on many levels, as is the case of Carol Iveth, originally from Ciudad Juárez, where 8 out of 10 women experience violence.

10 years ago, Carol, being a professional with a stable job, made the decision to create her business with Natura, because what she needed was time to live, to feel freedom and that self-esteem that doing things on many levels on your own and alone gives you time to help others.

During the growth of his business he received constant training from Natura, he obtained the certification in Leadership from the TEC of Monterrey and the best thing is that he shares this advantage with his team “Because here the important It’s not just about growing, the important thing is “It’s about growing my team.”

Thanks to this dynamism and of course her firm commitment to developing her business, she currently manages, with her husband, a network of 3,000 women who, like her, have the opportunity to generate income at their own pace and at their own pace. located in Ciudad Juárez, Acapulco, Veracruz, Sonora, Tijuana and Guerrero.

During the pandemic, Natura set up a 24-hour hotline, offering virtual medical support and psychological counseling to its consultants who may be facing vulnerable situations.

Challenges on many levels in Mexico

The social stigma towards the multi-tiered industry that exists in Mexico can sometimes reduce interest or prevent business development; it is considered a brainwashing organization.

Carol tells us that when she announced to her family her decision to devote herself entirely to her Natura business, they questioned her for having abandoned her professional job to carry her magazine in her hand: “At first, it wasn’t not easy because you say, well, they are starting to make people doubt” but as she is a woman of challenges, she was inspired by these refusals to boost her activity.

What do you need to succeed in multilevel marketing?

According to Caro, the people in this company are those who want to “grow, develop,” who like to challenge themselves, connect with other people and learn all the time.

Multi-level marketing is an activity like any other, the benefits depend on your efforts and commitment. Creating a team of 3,000 people, keeping it trained and constantly growing is a big challenge that deserves to be recognized.

To close

Multilevel is an industry where female leadership predominates, so it becomes an excellent support and motivation network to overcome adversity.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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