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ANIPAC President highlights importance of circular economy at annual congress

It was announced by vote that the State of Tabasco will host the ANIPAC Convention 2024Credits: Special

The president of National Association of Plastic Industries (ANIPAC), Aldimir Torres Bullring, highlighted the statistic that each inhabitant of Mexico generates approximately 59 kg of plastic waste per year. Faced with this situation, he underlined the responsibility of the sector in reducing this amount, through the principles of Circular Economy, which include promoting the redesign and recycling of plastic products.

During the celebration of the annual congress of the ANIPAC In the state of Oaxaca, Torres Bullring He stressed the need to have the support of the authorities to stimulate businesses, given that 80% of them are micro and small businesses. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of raising consumer awareness about the proper management of the plastic waste they generate.

For its part, Mónica Conde, director of Grupo Ambiente Plastico, indicated that the global plastics industry is growing by 3%, while in Mexico growth reaches 4.6%, thanks to the diversification of production chains and the development of infrastructure. Likewise, it forecasts a potential growth of 10% in the packaging sector.

He also highlighted the progress in recycling; among which the use of clean technologies, ecological design and the growing sense of environmental responsibility of Mexican industry stand out. He highlighted that plastic production accounts for only 0.5% of CO2 emissions and that the use of plastics can significantly reduce CO2 emissions by minimizing food loss and helping to combat hunger.

Likewise, Seyka Sandoval, from the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), discussed the advantages that Mexico has in the face of Nearshoring strategies; Likewise, he explained that Nearshoring is a strategy adopted by large foreign companies that seek to optimize their global value chains, reduce logistics and transportation costs, obtain flexibility in the supply chain and to address cultural and communication challenges, as well as geopolitical and commercial risks. .


The academic also highlighted the importance of improving connectivity and access to the Internet, as there is still a digital divide in which only 10% of entrepreneurs use the Internet effectively.

During the event, which took place from September 14 to 17, representatives of the plastics industry analyzed and debated the main demands and proposals of the sector; It was announced that state representatives were present, such as Raúl Ruiz Robles, Secretary of Economic Development, Ángel Norberto Osorio Morales, responsible for tourism promotion of the Municipality of Oaxaca, and Laura Patricia Barraco Ruiz, president of Coparmex Oaxaca, among other guests.

At the closing of the event, it was announced by vote that the State of Tabasco would host the ANIPAC 2024 Convention, given that the Gulf region, made up of Veracruz, Tabasco and Campeche, is home to 77 companies dedicated to the production and to the transformation. of plastic, generating more than 4,700 direct jobs.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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