Boris Rotenberg, a Russian oligarch whose French villas evade sanctions

Who owns the Chemin des Canebiers property? Located in Mouans-Sartoux (Alpes-Maritimes), this 30-hectare complex includes a villa with swimming pool, apartments and an equestrian center with two riding schools and two stables, located in the heart of farmland and vast forests. But there is no last name in the mailbox.

After successive purchases of the land that make up this tiny kingdom took place between 2012 and 2015, questions arose about the identity of the owner. Publicly available documents only offer the name of the Monegasque company: SCP Tannor 2. But, according to reports, the worldThe master of this field is none other than Boris Rotenberg, a Russian oligarch close to Vladimir Putin.

According to our investigation, which was conducted on the basis of confidential documents and open sources, in cooperation with several international media, including the OCCRP consortium and the site. iStoriesMr. Rothenberg has a huge real estate legacy on the Cote d’Azur that was previously unknown. Although the oligarch is subject to European sanctions from February 2022, a large part of his assets has escaped the freezing measures imposed on other oligarchs by the French authorities. This theoretically offers him the ability to circumvent sanctions by selling his assets.

Investigation of oligarch Boris Rotenberg

The “Rotenberg Files” is a joint investigation lasting several months led by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) consortium and approximately fifteen international media outlets, including the worldBased on a leak of internal data from Russian asset management firm Evocorp.

The documents, more than 50,000 internal emails exchanged between 2013 and 2020, were obtained by Russian investigative media. iStories and shared with OCCRP partners. They shed light on the way in which Evocorp helped its key clients, including Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, manage their commercial and real estate affairs worldwide and more specifically in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Cyprus. ). The “Rotenberg files” also reveal how the use of tax havens and straw men helped to mitigate the consequences of the American and European sanctions adopted by Western countries since 2014.

Frozen villa, six properties protected

Such a situation will spoil, because the profile of Boris Rotenberg is emblematic. Along with his older brother, Arkady, he has been courting Vladimir Putin since an early age – they were judo buddies in Leningrad. Their economic success coincides with his arrival in the Kremlin in 2000. At the head of the bank and companies that benefited from juicy public contracts, the Rothenberg brothers are billionaires. This closeness to the government brought them sanctions from Western countries. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, as well as the latter’s son, Igor, were all targeted for asset freezes in Europe.

According to official records, only one property belonging to Boris Rothenberg has been frozen by the French authorities: a property complex consisting of several villas on an area of ​​approximately 2.4 hectares with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea in Eze. (Alpes-Maritime).

But several of his other properties appear to have escaped the task force France has instituted measures to trace and freeze the assets of sanctioned oligarchs. According to a confidential chart obtained by Russian-language investigative media iStories In the context of the data leak of the Russian asset management firm Evocorp, Boris Rothenberg owns at least six other properties in the Alpes-Maritimes: Domaine des Canebiers, in Mouans-Sartoux, another villa located within several stone streams. Town, house in Grasse, apartment and building land in Eze, as well as commercial space in Karos.

Source: Le Monde

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