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Are you looking for work? The government launches a vacancy with a salary of up to 30,000 pesos with only high school completed

With only high school completed, you can apply for these vacancies.Credits: Freepik

Today it is difficult to find a well done when there is none Previous experiencebut it also showed that it is not necessary to have a very high level of education to obtain a position with a good economic remuneration and, also, it gives you the opportunity to grow within it.

This is how through Official Journal of the Federation (shallow DOF), the government secretary (Ségob), the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (STPS) and the Ministry of Agrarian Development, Territorial and Urban and the Ministry of Tourismthey have published a series of job offers where people who have finished high school can earn up to 20 thousand pesos per month and here we talk a little more about each of them.

Request a log analyst

The Interior Ministry announced a vacancy with a gross monthly salary of 18,780 pesos. Ideal candidates for this position should have a high school level or high school, as well as at least 2 years of Work experience in areas such as administrative support, national legislation, public administration and international relations.

Responsibilities for this position include file integrationregistration and support of applicants for recognition of refugee status and complementary protection, the collection of forms, the conduct of initial interviews and the follow-up of files. Since the position will involve the contacts with foreigners, the candidate must have an intermediate level of English, have reading, writing and conversation skills; Some of the activities that need to be carried out are:

  • Keep the register of applicants for recognition of the refugee status and additional protection, to be used as updated information base and reliable in the studies that are developed.
  • Provide advice to candidates recognition of refugee status, to inform them and dispel their doubts as to the application process.
  • Follow up on the files of refugee claimants, to keep track of the board’s requirements.
  • Register applications for recognition of refugee status in the refugee information system (sire), to track applications and contribute to efficiency alien detection seeking refuge in Mexico.

Operational sub-delegation

There Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development published an attractive job offer with a monthly salary of 30 thousand 290 pesos. The main role of this position is to organize, supervise and control the operation of programs aimed at treating, resolving and preventing agrarian social conflictsas well as the promotion of the development of self-management capacities and the formation of human capital in the rural sector, in accordance with the National Development Plan and the Sector Programme.

To apply for this position, experience in fields such as agricultural, economic, legal, political, mathematical and sociological sciences is required. The main experience is agronomystatistical and economic and the main objective of the person occupying the vacant post is to propose general orientations and strategies for the national public policy regional development, involving state and municipal governments, social and private sectors and relevant federal agencies.

Per diem and ticket link

The monthly salary for this position is 18,780 pesos and to apply, experience in public administration and executive and administrative support is required. Job responsibilities include managing the requests for per diems and tickets for public officials, review documentation and prepare reports. In addition, the employee must be responsible for safeguarding documentation relating to trips made by the civil servants; The person occupying the vacant position must be in charge of:

  • save the travel requests and tickets for officials mandated by the decentralized administrative body, in order to have the authorizations for its realization, contributing to the goals and objectives of the institution.
  • Consult the documentation proof of travel expenses and receipts in order to verify that the expenditure is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • Take care of other functions that legal provisions and regulations attributed to him within the framework of his competence, as well as those conferred by the immediate superior.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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