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The automotive sector applauds the National Electric Mobility Plan, Mexico’s commitment to promote it

Transition to electric vehicles in MexicoCredits: Darkroom

Recently, the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA) had a meeting with the Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, in which they presented with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) the National Electric Mobility Plan. In view of this, its President, Jose Zozaya, He pointed out that his congregation was very productive and had work to do in the future. In addition, he commented that a meeting was held later to reflect on what comes from electromobility and clean energy for the sector in Mexico and in the world.

“Mexico must be ready to assimilate these new technologies, being one of the leading countries in the manufacture and export of vehicles,” he said.

Many people have switched to electric vehicles Photo: Special

In an interview with Mario Maldonado for Business Logthe president of the AMIA clarified that the Mexican government and the Foreign Affairs Secretary (SRE), led by the Chancellor, are implementing this program which started a few months ago and which they have been working with the association.

Advances in electromobility

The expert pointed out that Mexico is not so advanced in terms of electromobility, which is why there is an emphasis on creating public policies on clean energy and electromobility. It is about jointly creating the infrastructure, the incentives and all that is necessary, he said, for this type of technology to enter the Mexican market as needed and as the country is committed to the international level in agreements and to reduce the manufacture of internal combustion vehicles.

They intend to phase out combustion vehicles Photo: Special

In this sense, Zozaya pointed out that the AMIA works with federal government offices to work together in the implementation and creation of these policies in favor of the automotive sector.

Sale of electric vehicles

Through the signal The Herald Media Groupp, José Zozaya indicated that the sale of electric vehicles in the national market represents just over one million of these cars per year.

“It’s a very low percentage; however, the numbers are increasing significantly, but the proportion is low.”

The specialist spoke about the infrastructure that exists in Mexico, where there are often no attachments or charging centers for electric vehicles, compared to the United States, which even has these centers in shopping centers and at home.


Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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