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The purchase of machinery for containers and packaging increases by 25%

Credits: Adriana Luna

Guadalajara, Jal.- Digital sales have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, transforming the packaging of technology, electronics and food products. The international market demands packaging with innovative designs without sacrificing quality, which keep the product protected and with a longer shelf life.

“E-commerce has brought about changes in packaging and even in labelling. E-commerce has seen super accelerated growth, we see a projection of 23% in 2023 which is driving the demand for packaging machinery in particular. Digital sales in recent years have exploded, which requires a specific material in terms of packaging,” said Celia Navarrete, director of Expo Pack, in an interview with El Heraldo de México.

“We have an impressive 25% increase over the previous year in terms of machinery and equipment purchases. We are in the industries that have the highest percentage of growth issues, those growth drivers are the need to increase production or replace outdated machinery,” he added.

The Mexican Packaging and Processing Machinery Market Recorded Record Demand in 2022, with the Highest Growth Rate in Two Decades; the market reached a record value estimated at US$906 million.

Plastic is one of the important inputs in the industry, but other types of materials used in the individual molds that facilitate transport, for example, of food, are also included.

“There are changes in the packaging industry. Much smaller packaging or heat-shrinkable labels. The trends, what we see in the food and beverage industry, are pouches and single-serve pouches, which obviously facilitates their application in catering fields. We see packaged and bagged vegetables that are in high demand. Derived from the issue of the pandemic, we are seeing a growing trend in purchases of bagging machines for bread and pastries.”

The exhibition floor at Expo Pack Guadalajara 2023 includes 700 companies related to packaging, processing and packaging from June 13 to 15 at Expo Guadalajara. The Latin American Chapter of Women in the Packaging Industry will open its doors.

“We will organize masterclasses oriented towards the three most important and global trends: automation and digitization, sustainability and the ability to attract new generations of female leaders so that they can be more effectively involved in STEM careers and that we can integrate them into the manufacturing industries present There are more than 40 vertical sectors: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, etc. Everyone needs packaging and building materials. packaging,” he concluded.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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