Associations urge Cofepris to differentiate the use of cannabis and hemp

Organizations highlighted the importance of differentiating the use of hemp and cannabisCredits: Special

Cannabis and industrial hemp associations, including experts in different cannabis-related fields and hempexpressed their disagreement with the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) to prohibit the use of these two products because they are considered harmful to health.

In a letter signed by various civil society organizations, among which stand out, among others, the leader of the Solidarity meeting party (PES) from Baja California, César Hank Inzunza, reminds us that we must differentiate between cannabis (for medical or adult use) and industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L).

Among the latter, they point out that it is a plant of the Cannabáceas family and that, due to its genetics, it contains less than 0.3% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabinoid which causes the psychotropic effect). The hemp plant is genetically and physically different (from cannabis), which is why it is used, due to its durability, in the textile industry, in the manufacture of ropes, paper, insulating elements, fuel , paint and cosmetics, provides all uses of petrochemicals, cotton and wood.

That is to say, its use is completely different from that of Cannabis, and for this reason This whole hemp industry has been wrongly stigmatized.

For this reason, they consider that the general prohibition that includes hemp, as Cofepris does, is an unnecessary, excessive and disproportionate measure, since it generates an absolute affectation of the right to sow, cultivate and harvest hemp.

The development of industrial products derived from this plant, in concentrations of less than 1% THC, does not pose a risk to public health or safety, they stressed.

Associations protest against restrictions

In the letter, the 66 signatories, including researchers, academics, industry associations, business people and political organizations, such as: Healing Mexico Cannabis HealthBy Grace AC, Pasero Abogados SC, WKLASSCANADA, Bella Green Ventures, Mexican Association of Cannabinoid Medicine AC, Concamed, Conidebid, César Hank, Solidarity Encounter Party of Baja California, Mexican Foundation for Medicinal Cannabis AC., Ancestral Nations AC, Cannativo Movement indigenous hands SC, Alcann, SeedCore Labs, Isodiol, Cannabisalud, among others, have spoken out in favor of freeing the system from the restrictions to which the use of hemp is subject.

The penalties that apply today to cannabis are excessive, disproportionate and without reason, when it comes to hemp, they specified.

It is important, to be clear, that hemp is understood as any plant of the genus Cannabaceae, in particular Cannabis Sativa L, and that it is suitable for industrial use. with low levels of THC.

They recalled that due to its almost zero THC content, low cost, ecological and economic advantages of UN (1961 in the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs), its cultivation and legalization worldwide are promoted.

Although this is true, the health authority is responsible for safeguarding and protecting the sanitary control of products and services, which can represent a certain harm to the health of the population. Hemp, due to the above, does not represent a danger to public health or safety.

Therefore, they find it worrying that Cofepris is confusing hemp with cannabis for medical use. Since the same authority has issued, through legal instruments that in fact classify industrial hemp as a plant devoid of therapeutic values, whose percentage of THC is lower than what is established by law, and which does not represent no possible harm to health.

Therefore, the hemp industry for industrial use (other than medical or human consumption) should not be regulated by Cofepris. Since the competence of the health authority should only be limited to the examination of final products intended for human consumption and not raw materials, which are the responsibility of other authorities such as agriculture and the economy, they conclude.

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