“Young Socialists, we want to protect ‘Life in Pink’ for future generations and give meaning to the struggle waged by the Left”

ATWhile the Congress of the Socialist Party has just ended, its youth organization is now preparing to open, from 1.Eh Until April 2 in Lille (North). Damaged by past scandals and too often plagued by power games inspired by our elders, our organization today must continue its overhaul and complete its transformation with greater fervor than today.

While young socialists have historically been at the forefront of the ideological battles waged by the socialist family, today we lament a lack of ambition and a vision that is sometimes too monstrous or even psychotic for the battles we must wage. Bringing together comrades from all the guiding texts of the Socialist Party and representing true territorial diversity, our militant collective Le Poing Social, representing the national action plan La Vie en rose, therefore wants to initiate a radical change at the head of our movement. By championing the strong ideas we want to bring to public debate.

If we do not recognize ourselves in the radicalism of the postures and the excesses of some that are still in the political sphere today, we are less able to defend some of the radical ideas necessary to protect the “pink life” for generations. to give importance to the future and the struggles of the left, first of all, regarding the necessary democratic renewal.

Empty voice recognition

We socialists cannot believe in a providential man or a providential woman who would come to save the country. That is why we are campaigning for the recognition of blank ballots and a ban on voting a year before an election. We will also implement a proposal to create a government digital platform to collect citizen complaints.

Our democratic demands also extend to the business world: we will campaign to increase the proportion of paid staff on boards of directors in order to develop a culture of collaborative management. Secondly, we want to develop a real popular ecology by creating social, ecological and food security. A system of advances and reimbursement of certain expenses financed by the distribution of tax revenues could be imagined.

We must also encourage the replication of local experiments in social food security based on a cooperative model to combat food insecurity and recreate citizen solidarity. We will also campaign for the development of free public transport, building on elected socialists who are already implementing this measure in their area.

Source: Le Monde

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