Civitatis announces its new CEO in Mexico

“Civitatis and I are ready to achieve all the big goals we have in mind,” Rossello said.Credits: Special

Civitatis, the leading company in the sale of tourist activities in Spanish around the world, announced this week to its new general manager in Mexico. This is the MBA Juan Ignacio Rossellowho has more than a decade of experience in marketing and sales in some of the most important tourist companies in Mexico, such as Aeromar or Hoteles City Express.

“Civitatis is developing a major expansion plan for 2023, and it is a great challenge to lead the growth of this great company in Mexico, a country as interesting as it is difficult. Civitatis and I are ready to achieve all the big goals we have in mind,” says Rossello.

According to company figures, Civitatis is growing in the world every month. For example, in 2022 it reached the figure of 6 million 500 thousand people who filled their trip with their activities, 78.08% more than in 2019. The objective for this 2023 is to exceed 9 million travelers. “Mexico will play a fundamental role in reaching this figure”, underlines the new Country Manager of Civitatis in this country.

Domestically, the company’s growth has also been dizzying. “In 2022, we filled the trip with some 200,000 Mexicans, who visited places like Paris, Rome or Madrid with our activities. In 2023, we hope to at least double this figure. Unsurprisingly, Mexico has become Civitatis’ main market in Latin America. In fact, in 2022, “Mexico was the world’s second largest market in terms of sales, just behind Spain,” according to Rossello.

They ensure that the appointment is part of a solid and ambitious strategy

Alberto Gutiérrez, CEO and founder of Civitatis, celebrates the appointment of Juan Ignacio Rossello as Country Manager of his company in Mexico, emphasizing that “at Civitatis we work with our views in the long term, but also on a day-to-day basis. This appointment is part of a solid and ambitious strategy that we must develop in Latin America. in general, and in Mexico in particular.

Civitatis is the leading company in the online distribution of guided tours, excursions and activities in Spanish in the main destinations of the world with more than 77,500 activities in 3,450 destinations located in 150 countries. In 2022, more than 600,000 people completed their trip each month with Civitatis.

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Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

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