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In the office of the mayor of Cuajimalpa they denounce irregularities in the opening of the Casino King’s

Parents are based on Section 9 of the Federal Gaming ActCredits: Special

Despite the fact that neighbors and relatives have reported to the authorities of the Cuajimalpa Town Hall that without building permits and irregularities the works of the king’s casino inside the mall Flag forestsin Tecamachalco, the casino started operating last Friday.

Without the capital and the federal authorities, the town hall of Cuajimalpa or the Administrative Verification Institute proceeded to close it.

Its opponents claim that the series of protests and demonstrations led by parents and residents of the square is due to the fact that it is located a few meters from various schools in the area and “represents a serious danger for children and young people. space”.

It should be noted that a few months ago parents denounced the construction of a casino on this site and warned of serious risks for children and young people, as it is only a few meters from Vista Hermosa Schools, Israelita de México, Hebrew School, Monte Sinai, Cumbres México Institute, Anahuac High School and Rosedal Vista Hermosa Institute. All these institutions located less than a kilometer away.

Parents demonstrated in front of the Casino Photo: Special

The parents expressed their disagreement with the risk represented by the fact that the office of the mayor of Cuajimalpa gave the authorization to install this type of business near schools, because the risk of young people going to this place is very open.

Violation of the law

The parents explained that despite the fact that Article 9 of the Federal Law on Games and Raffles states that “no place where betting games are played or raffles are held, may be established near schools or workplaces”, It does not matter to the delegation authorities and they have not had the slightest intention of stopping the operation of this betting center called ivywhich belongs to King’s chain.

This represents, they say, an open violation of the law and that is why the construction was carried out at night. It was in the early hours of the morning that furniture, tables and various accessories were brought in to start its operation.

On behalf of the parents, Alfonso Serrano expressed the great risk that the operation of this casino represents, since in addition to altering the security of the area, they are an objective to attract students and young people from nearby schools.

He makes a careful appeal to the head of Mexico City to act on this matter and stop the illegal actions that have been approved by the mayor’s office.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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