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Savings Challenge: Collect 9,000 pesos in 20 weeks with this method

A challenge to get into the habit of savingCredits: Pixabay

Almost finished the first month of the year and if you have set yourself the goal of raising capital, you are still on time. then then We present you a savings challenge with which you can collect 9,000 pesos in 20 weeks. A little money that you would like to meet various commitments or start well a life project that you have waiting. You dare? If yes, we will tell you the method you need to follow to achieve this goal.

How can I raise 9,000 pesos in 20 weeks?

If you chose to enter this savings challengeremember to open an independent account where you receive your pay. You can also put it in a piggy bank and put a tag on it so you don’t touch that money, that you can give better and avoid expenses that affect your income. Since then, We recommend that you print the following table so you can keep track of the contributions you make to this challenge.

The goal must be reached in 20 weeks, i.e. four months. During this period, you must make deposits every 7 dayswhich we detail below, but remember that This savings challenge takes commitment and discipline to collect 9 thousand pesos.

It’s time to make your first contribution

The first contribution will be 500 pesosfor the second week you have to subtract 5 pesosi.e. you will make a deposit of 495, for the third week it will be 490 and so on until day 10 where you will put 455 pesos in your piggy bank. At this point, you will have already saved 4,000,775 pesos!

You are more than halfway through the challenge, now for the week you must continue with the same methodology, subtract 5 pesos to your contributions. too bad in the week 11 the deposit will be 450 pesos, for week 12 it will be 2 thousand 650 and so on until week 19 where you will put your piggy bank 410 pesos.

So you will have gatheredor 8 thousand 645 pesos, and you will only need 355 pesoswhich one to you will deposit in week 20to achieve the goal of having collected 9 thousand pesos in five months. You can use capital to settle a debt, create an emergency fund, put it to use for an investment or treat yourself as a family, but remember to book part of your fortnight, it could get you out of trouble.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico



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