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VIDEOS | Julión Álvarez asks for credit to eat in the middle of the beach and they don’t recognize him


After its successful presentation at the Fiestas del Pitic in Hermosillo, Sonora, Julion Alvarez took the opportunity to stay a few days in the state, one of the routes he wanted to explore is the Sea of ​​Cortez and for that he set out to Guaymasone of the most recognized ports in the north and in all of Mexico.

On his official Instagram account, Julio César Álvarez Montelongo says JUlion Alvarez she forgot her boots and hat to show off her bathing suit in San Carlos, a place where the desert meets the sea. The famous singer went with his companions for a boat ride and there he found a food vendor .

Already with envy, Julion Alvarez He bought clams from a vendor who calls himself “El Cholo” from Guaymas, Sonora At first the local man does not recognize the artist and when asked if he knows who is buying his fresh produce he mentions that he has no idea.

But they quickly warn him that his restaurant is Julion Alvarez and “El Cholo” can’t believe the luck of his day when he found himself in the middle of the sea the performer of songs like “Te habas ido antes”, “El amor de su vida” and “Afuera está lloviendo “, to mention some of the most popular songs of his career.

Another of the things that came up on Julión’s page is that none of the singer’s companions nor he brought any money, after enjoying the marine banquet they realized that everyone had left their wallets at land, so now they don’t They had a way to pay “El Cholo” who didn’t hesitate to say that they would pay him later.

“The Guaymas cholo raises Julión Álvarez in San Carlos, the cholo sells clams in his little boat at the aquarium. #elcholodeguaymas the friend trusted me… we let it go without fair and he said: he lives here without paying rent, eat. Today we pay Cholo de Guaymas,” reads one of the stories the singer was tagged in.

The next day the story continued, well Julion Alvarez He went to the home of “El Cholo” to settle his debt and the man assured that whenever he wanted he had credit again to continue enjoying his sale. It is not the first time that Julión Álvarez seems warm and close to people who offer a product or who live from their work in the trades, this causes the emotion of his followers who point out that he is a very humble person.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

New ‘Moon’ Orbiting Earth: Astronomers Discover Ancient Cosmic Body Near Planet


It has been close to the planet for 2,000 years.Credits: Pixabay.

A group of astronomers discovered that the To land To another moon, which is not so new, since it has been close to the planet for at least 2,000 years, but had not been detected. According to specialists, the finding would be what is called a near moonwho received the name “2023 FW13”, and is gravitationally attached to the Sun.

He “2023 FW13was discovered by researchers from the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii, at the top of the Haleakala volcano. Astronomers have also revealed that this ancient cosmic body has been in the districts of the planet from the year 100 a. vs. and it will continue to revolve around the planet until the year 3700 AD. VS. It should be mentioned that specialists have clarified that it does not pose a risk to the Earth.

“2023 FW13 is not associated with Earth other than by chance,” Alan Harris, a researcher at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, told Sky & Telescope. The expert added that unlike the Moon, which is gravitationally bound to Earth, the quasi-moons are attached to the Sun. Although the body orbits similarly to the Moon, its orbit is outside the Earth’s sphere (the region where the gravity of the planetary body is dominant to attract satellites).

What are quasi-moons?

According to astronomers, quasi-moons are a subcategory of near-earth asteroids, which orbit the Sun, but remain close to the planet. Its main difference from the Moon is that these bodies follow elliptical orbits around the sun, similar to those of the Earth.

Quasi-moons are often confused with the Moon and are very difficult to detect. The quasi-moon 2023 FW13discovered by experts using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakala volcano in Hawaii, is just one of the known near moons, but experts say there could be more.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

At Roland Garros, three years in a row without French players in the second week


Tennis fans have been waiting for it since 2000 and Mary Pierce’s victory in the Roland Garros final. They will not see a French woman or a Frenchman win the Paris tennis tournament this year. The last men’s victory, Yannick Noah’s victory over Mats Wilander, dates back forty years, in 1983.

Defeating Arthur Rinderknecht on Thursday 1st eveningEh June marked the end of hopes for the 2023 tricolor, with 28 French players in the tournament. The last Frenchman to reach the last 16 was Hugo Gaston in 2020; That year, Franco-Belgian Fiona Ferro reached the quarter-finals before being eliminated by American Sofia Kenin.

This graph shows the number of qualified tricolor representatives in the second week, that is, those who passed the third round and reached at least the last 16.

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On the men’s side, from the early 2000s to 2017, we often found one or more French players in the round of 16, or better. In 2008 and 2015, there were even five in the second week.

Overall, over fifty years, the French’s level of tennis has rarely gone beyond their round of 16, or even the quarterfinals. For women, this ceiling is more pronounced at the eighth, even if they have generally gone further than men in the last ten years.

Source: Le Monde

In Chisinau, Ukraine and Moldova are calling for quick entry into the European Union


The airspace may be closed to commercial flights for twenty-four hours, for security reasons, the airport of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, has probably never received so many planes, government, from all over the continent. The small state bordering Ukraine hosted on ThursdayEh June, the second summit of the European Political Community, that is, forty-five heads of state and government from the continent, including a guest who was hardly surprised because his presence was evident. Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in the neighborhood via Odesa, meeting at a luxury hotel in the village of Bulboaka, 20 kilometers from the border.

As usual, the arrival of the President of Ukraine remained a secret until the last moment. But so close to his home country, it is hard for him not to personally join the community proposed by Emmanuel Macron a year ago to promote the unification of a greater Europe in the face of a determined invasion by Russia. With the support of Belarus – both left this meeting. The Ukrainian leader’s arrival quickly replaced the absence of Turkey’s barely elected president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. From the start, Volodymyr Zelensky stole the show by leading the summit host Maia Sandu to lead Moldova, which has been threatened by war on its borders for fifteen months and worried about the secession of the “pro-Russian” region. Transnistria, where Moscow has a military base.

The Ukrainian resistance hero took the opportunity to reiterate his call for F-16 fighter jets and more American Patriot missile batteries as soon as possible. On the same morning, three people, including a child, were killed in a new Russian attack in Kiev. “All European countries that have a border with Russia and that do not want Russia to take part of their territory should be full members of NATO and the European Union.The Ukrainian leader said a few weeks before the crucial summit of the Atlantic alliance in Vilnius on July 11 and 12.

A strong signal for Central European countries

Ukraine’s head of state is campaigning in favor of the prospect of his country joining the Atlantic alliance, outside the “open door” policy displayed by its allies. But a little later, he wondered aloud about the nature of the security guarantees that his Western allies, including the United States, which is still very cautious on this issue, are promising him because of the lack of consensus on his country’s accession to NATO. in the midst of war.

Source: Le Monde

Golden Cinema star died due to Popocatépetl activity and hardly anyone knows


He is also known as “Don Goyo”Credits: Darkroom

It has been active for nearly 29 years, but in recent days the volcano popocatepetl It is in the crosshairs not only of Mexico but of the entire world, this because the one also known as “Don Goyo” is considered one of the most dangerous and monitored volcanoes in the world.

In May 2023, the colossus considerably increased its activity to the point that the National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) decided to raise the volcanic alert in Amarillo Phase 3, therefore this geological structure is in the global spotlight, since it is not the first time that he presents strong expirations accompanied by water vapour, other volcanic gases and ash.

In fact, the activity of this living volcano was the trigger for the death of a famous personality within Golden Cinema, despite the fact that very few people know about it. It is Blanca Estela Pavon better known as “La chorreada”, for having interpreted this character alongside the mythical Pedro Infante.

A movie and music star

Blanca Estela Pavón made her film debut in the 1940s and quickly gained recognition from audiences and critics. Her charisma and talent led her to play both dramatic and comedic roles, and her natural, spontaneous style captivated audiences.

The actress has acted in several films with Pedro Infanta, one of the most popular actors of the time. Together they made an iconic screen couple and their chemistry was evident. They played many romantic and comic characters in films such as “We the Poor” (1948), “You the Rich” (1948), “Pepe El Toro” (1952) and “School for the Tramps” (1955). ), among others.

Popocatépetl influenced his death

However, the famous woman was also dedicated to singing, since she had a beautiful voice, which is why she joined the group “Los Romanceros”, alongside personalities such as the comedian “Chip”. However, the young woman would never have imagined that joining this group would lead to its end.

The group had agreed to a concert in Oaxaca, during a famous fair, however, for the return at the end of the show “Los Romanceros”, they had to face a crisis to find flights of feedback. It was here that, in an adjustment of the agendas for labor matters, he made white wake will take the flight that was for “Viruta”, so the actress and her father took off on Monday, September 26, 1949, at 12:40 p.m., from Oaxaca airport aboard a Douglas DC-3 plane.

The Douglas DC-3 aircraft registered XA-DUH belonging to Mexican Air Force, crashed in the mountainous area known as “Pico del Fraile”, near the Popocatépetl volcano, in Puebla, this after the captain signaled himself to warn that they were facing an abyssal cloud of smoke exhaled by the colossus, dangerous and imposing “Don Goyo”, for a few moments later, losing control of the plane where the mythical actress who would be the platonic love of Pedro Infante died.

“We fly by contact. We just passed Puebla, you can see the Popocatepetl Volcano under us. We have serious visibility problems and heavy turbulence, we are flying at 1,300 feet! were the last words of the leader of this crew.


Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

A cop and a pregnant lover ‘team up’ and beat up their cheating boyfriend, but it ends in tragedy


The events happened in Florida, USA, inside a brewery.Credit: Miami-Dade Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

A Florida policeman now faces felony assault charges for marrying another woman and tipping her a huge beating “to the cheating boyfriend”, because the subject – who has not been identified – maintained a romantic relationship with both. The official Anna Elicia Perez and the “lover” seven months pregnant mila zuloaga surprised the subject inside a bar called Miller’s Ale House. between punches and kicks, they disfigured his face by shouting at him “unfaithful”. The subject was left with several bruises on the face, chest and even a split lip.

Anna Elicia Perez, 34 years old, And Mila Zuloaga, 35 years old, they discovered Friday, May 26 who shared a couple, and instead of fighting each other, they decided Go confront the subject. First they started a verbal argument and quickly arrived at Shots. The events happened after 00:43 a.m. and the next day Miami-Dade police released their statements. According to the police report, the policeman had a relationship with the man, but the pregnant woman lived with him and had the child in her womb. will be his firstborn.

For its part, Alfredo Ramirez, Director of the police this side demarcation, said he was disappointed with the officer’s actions, because although “was broken down” at the time of the aggression, it is not a behavior that should be reproduced inside and outside working hours.

“We are held to a higher standard of conduct both inside and outside office hours. Even though this officer was off duty, his behavior is unacceptable and I have seen him go against the core values ​​of our department,” Alfredo Ramírez wrote in a statement.

NOW Anna Elicia Perez was relieved of her duties while the prosecutor’s office reviews the case and Mila Zuloaga, the pregnant woman, You must also be held accountable in court for assaulting about. Besides, authorities They clarified that the 35-year-old woman is being held on bail of thousand 500 dollars, but everything seems to indicate that the police do not have this possibility, since his case has been aggravated by belonging to the law enforcement.

Source: El Heraldo De Mexico

The Chinese Space Observatory detects more than 200 solar flares


Launched in October last year, the Space-Based Advanced Solar Observatory (ASO-S), the first Chinese spacecraft dedicated to studying our star, has so far detected more than 200 solar flares.

Dubbed Kuafu-1 (in reference to a legendary giant and divine hero who, according to Chinese mythology, sought to tame the sun), the equipment made its first recording of the star just days after arriving at its destination.

According to Gan Weiqun, chief scientist of the project at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), data from the observatory has been made available for experimental use in China and abroad.

It features three tools: the Lyman-alpha solar telescope (LST), the Hard X-ray imager (HXI) and the Full disk vector MagnetoGraph (FMG). Of these, according to Gan, the HXI is the one with the best performance in orbit, being responsible for obtaining the only X-ray image in the world difficult of the Sun from a near-Earth perspective.

According to NASA, they are called difficult (hard) X-rays of higher energy, while they are called X-rays of lower energy soft (soft). While the distinction between them is not well defined, in general, hard X-rays are typically those with energies above about 10 keV (short for one thousand electron volts).

“The details of the non-thermal radiation distribution of solar flares captured by HXI are quite rare, exceeding previous expectations,” Gan told Xinhua, China’s state news agency.

For its part, FMG has made the first Chinese observation of a solar magnetic field from space. Capable of longer-range observations, LST captured the entire disk of the Sun, detecting a few rare flashes of white light and several Lyman-alpha lines in solar flares.

The Lyman-alpha waveband, representing the spectra of neutral hydrogen released by more than 70% of the Sun’s mass, is known to be the strongest ultraviolet emission line affecting the Earth’s ionosphere.

According to Gan, in six months of putting into orbit, the Kuafu-1 probe has obtained a large amount of raw solar observing data and is progressing well, with the potential to help physicists in China and the rest of the world with in-depth research in the future.

Post-China space observatory detects more than 200 solar flares that first appeared on Digital Look.

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How Google is turning Android into its new portfolio


Not all digital versions of what’s in your physical wallet are in one place on your phone. You probably access your compact, credit and driver cards, for example, in different applications. But Google this week announced updates to make its Wallet app able to store all of that.

For those in a hurry:

In doing so, said Jenny Cheng, Google’s vice president in charge of the app, the company is looking to “completely replace all the stuff you’d normally have in your physical wallet.”

(really) virtual wallet

There will always be people who would never dream of leaving their wallet at home. That’s because there’s a certain sense of security knowing that some of your most important cards are safe in your pocket or purse. But if you’re considering a life where leaving your wallet behind doesn’t get you home quickly, here’s a quick guide to what’s changing.

Digital versions of driver’s licenses and IDs have become more common in recent years. But they are still far from being ubiquitous. Where they exist, they are often integrated into separate applications developed by individual states and technology partners. But that hasn’t stopped some of the biggest names in tech from trying to put these IDs directly into their apps.

For Google, it starts in the state of Maryland (USA), where all residents can store a digital driver’s license in Google Wallet starting this Thursday (1st). There are only two requirements: the feature only works on devices running Android 8.0 or higher, and those devices require a screen lock (PIN or fingerprint).

Over time, this functionality will roll out to people living in Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia, though exactly when digital licenses become usable largely depends on each state.

What else will you give to keep

If your favorite restaurant and/or supermarket’s loyalty program doesn’t offer digital cards, or if you prefer to keep them all in one place on your phone, you can take pictures of your barcodes and QR codes and store them in the Google Wallet app. When this feature rolls out (later in 2023), Cheng says, it will work for pretty much anything that has a barcode.

Additionally, vendors that partner with Google will be able to offer digital insurance cards that live behind an extra layer of protection. Therefore, you will have to enter your PIN or use your fingerprint to prove your identity one more time before viewing it.

At present, Cheng says, Humana and the UK’s tax, payment and customs authorities are working to offer these kinds of “private passes.”

However, if your provider doesn’t use Google’s developer tools, you won’t be able to directly import your existing physical insurance card into Google Wallet unless it has a barcode, and even then, you can’t it would offer the same added layer of protection as you would get from a private pass.

If your provider doesn’t offer digital proof of insurance, we recommend taking a clear photo of the front and back of your card and saving it in a locked note in the Notes app.

With information from The Washington Post

The post How Google is turning Android into its new portfolio first appeared on Olhar Digital.

Source: Olhar Digital

Meta Quest 3 Virtual Reality Glasses Gets a New Release; Encounter


Meta announced this Thursday (1) the new generation of Quest virtual reality glasses. The Quest 3 has a new chip and is lighter and more comfortable, according to the company.

What you need to know

Meta Quest 3 also got redesigned controls with tactile feedback to allow the user to “feel the experience”. The device even got new sensors that weren’t detailed by Meta, but the company says features like hand tracking have been improved to increase player immersion while using the device.

Meta Quest will be released in the coming months for US$500 for the 120GB version – pricing for the other versions are yet to be announced. Meta hasn’t brought any of the previous models to Brazil, and that shouldn’t change for now: in a statement sent to the Brazilian press, Meta said the new device will reach the same markets that the previous model received, meaning none of our country. .

Meta Quest 2 will be cheaper

Meta also announced news for the Quest 2, the previous model of the device launched in 2020. The company promises that it will receive a performance upgrade. Starting June 4, it will retail for $300 (currently $400) for the 128GB version or $350 for the 256GB version (currently $430).

The Quest Pro, the most advanced version of the device, will also get a CPU and GPU upgrade, but so far the company hasn’t said anything about a price cut: It costs $1000.

The announcement of the new prices of the Quest 2 and also the launch of the Quest 3 comes at an interesting time: it seems that Apple will introduce its mixed reality glasses next Monday (5), so it’s interesting to see the Meta move to make its most attractive product before a potential heavyweight competitor arrives—that is, if Apple’s Reality Pro doesn’t cost the speculated $3,000.

Via Gol

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In UK, Rishi Sunak refuses to hand over Johnson government’s WhatsApp messages to Covid-19 inquiry


Baroko’s condition is: Thursday 1Eh In June, after a week of psychodrama, Rishi Sunak’s cabinet announced it would object to a public inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic set up by the government in 2022. At issue are the tens of thousands of WhatsApp messages former prime minister Boris Johnson exchanged with forty of his ministers and officials, his notebooks and diaries, which the commission’s chairman, Judge Heather Hallett, is asking to enable them to do their jobs well.

“It seems that the cabinet misunderstood the scope of the investigation”The magistrate, known for his professionalism, emphasized. In autumn 2022, after months of campaigning by families of coronavirus victims, a commission of inquiry is expected to shed light on Boris Johnson’s government’s handling of the pandemic. In addition to the vaccine campaign, which was surprisingly effective, this administration was widely criticized for: lack of preparation, lack of protection of nursing homes, questionable procurement of government contracts and very high death toll, with more than 226,000 deaths. .

“Sunak” firm refused to give up communications and explained that this was not the case “absolutely inappropriate” Regarding the subject of the investigation. He also explained on Thursday evening, acting “Because some important principles are at stake” which are subject to ” individual rights” and “Good Government Behavior”. According to Downing Street, ministers also have the right to protect their private correspondence and have some discretion in their decision-making process.

Besides “It is up to the Commission of Inquiry to assess which documents are relevant in the context of its work.”insisted Lord Mark Savile at the Times Radio microphone, flies to save Judge Hallett. This magistrate knows what he’s talking about: he chaired the famous commission of inquiry into Bloody Sunday (the 1972 British Army massacre of civilians in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland) and had access to it. “Many documents related to national security”.


Lord Savile is not the only one who has found Sunak’s cabinet position “Very doubtful.” Bob Kerslake, the former head of the British civil service, put his feet in the pot on the BBC microphone, even saying that“It’s a bit of a hide” the government’s refusal to hand over correspondence, “To avoid embarrassing ministers”.

Source: Le Monde

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